Business Card Printing: Making a great first impression

Whenever you encounter a prospective client and hand him your business card, a lot of things happen simultaneously. You introduce your business to the client, and at the same time, the client uses your card to decide whether or not to have further communication with you. As such, the seemingly innocuous business card suddenly becomes an all powerful promotional tool for you. In order to use this tool properly, you need to have it designed well. Your business card should look attractive enough to portray an image of your business in a positive manner.

You should get your business card printed through a professional printing service to ensure that the card looks professional in appearance. Many professional printing services treat business cards with special attention. Before you send your card for printing, however, you will have to design it. There are some enhancements that you should apply to your business cards in order to make those attract the client’s attention. These include:
  1. Use colors If you can afford it, go for business cards printed in full color. Colors make a far greater impact and portray a good image of your organization. Choose the color depending on the services that you provide. For instance, if you sell gym equipments, make sure your card conveys an image of power with reds, oranges and greens. On the other hand, if you own a medical facility, go for serene colors like light blue, beige, and grey. Your letters should also be in colors.
  2. Add a photo Add a small photo of yours to the card if you can. Nothing fancy is necessary; simply a face shot will work fine. A photo added to a business card has been known to increase the effectiveness of the card multifold.
  3. Choose bold fonts It’s about time someone got rid of those same old Arial and Times New Roman. Bring on the Verdana, Impact, Copperplate Gothic, and others. The receiver will be impressed and you will also feel satisfied when handing over a unique looking business card.

These tips should help you design a good business card . Once you have created it, choose the printing service that is just right for you. Make sure that they can deliver the best quality of cards for you, are consistent about meeting deadlines, and can help you improve your design if necessary. Lastly, ask them about the cost of the service. If that fits your budget, then the only thing that will remain to be done will be to place the order.

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