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0 to 1000 cards in 30 minutes!!

A fine and busy day today. It is Friday 2:30PM so tuning to weekend hours…

Phone Rings. Tring Tring… Tring Tring…

PrintPapa:  (Pickup the phone.) Thanks for calling PrintPapa, This is Shawn, How may I help you?

Customer: I need some business cards asap for convention and I am totally out of cards. I am on your website right now and I see you offer Same Day Service. My flight leaves from San Jose Airport at 4PM. Is it possible.

PrintPapa:  (I wanted to help her, so…) Maam, Same Day Service cutoff is by 10AM. Also since you flight leaves at 4 PM, you should in the airport by now. Isn’t the airport checkin like 1hr before the flight leaves.

Customer: I know that (little irritated like I was being a mother to her..), can you get me 1000 cards in 30 minutes. You guys are right next to the airport and i can pick it up on my way to the airport.

PrintPapa:  Do you have the artwork in proper print ready format, like PDF?

Customer: What is PDF or print ready format?? I have a jpeg, and I can email that right now.

PrintPapa:  Please email to rightaway? I will hold.

Customer: Ok I just emailed it.

After 15 seconds ( thanks to email being fast)

PrintPapa:  I got it, opening the file? Oh No!!!!

Customer: What!!

PrintPapa:  Your file is a low resolution Jpeg.

Customer: Can you do it??

PrintPapa:  We will have to trace the jpeg and recreate it in illustrator and make the file print ready. Luckily it was a simple one with a 2 color logo and black text.

Customer: Ok!! Can you do it in 30 minutes???

PrintPapa:  I will try my best, but cannot promise.

Customer: Ok!! Go Ahead. How much??

PrintPapa:  Go to Then mouse over to Product->Business Cards. (I also emailed her the link ( I then guide her to place the order online. 1000 cards costed $217.97).  See settings below.

Order configuration

She goes through the steps to place the order….After 2 minutes…

Customer: I will be there in 30.  Thanks a lot. If you can do this I will be your biggest fan.

PrintPapa:  Please do not thank me till we get the cards to you in your hand. I have to go now. See you by 3:15PM. Bye.

Time is now 2:40PM…READY … STEADY … GO>>>>>>>

We have never missed a deadline  which was time critical, and i did not want to loose on this one.

2:43PM: Order Processed. Job ticket written up. Introduced the job in our MIS system (home built job tracking system) and tagged it as RUSH job so everybody gets alerted. Printed the job ticketI then hand delivered the ticket to David’s office (A++ Graphics designer).

2:45PM: Gave the job ticket and told him the problem and gave him 5 minutes to produce the print ready pdf and move the job to digital press. Went to Rachel (our digital press operator), informed her to prep up the digital press for this job coming in 5 minutes. She was running a job on our state of the art Digital press. So she stopped the job, removed the paper from the tray, loaded the press with 110lb Uncoated 12×18 sheets.

2:52PM: David get the file ready and comes to my office with a black and white proof. I proof read and compare with the jpeg just to make sure everything is correct. Ready to go to Press.

2:54PM: Rachel get the file, imposes the file using our fully automated workflow solution. Sends the file to the press.

2: 56PM: She verifies the first sheet out of the press. Checks the color, bleeds and safe area. Enter the quantity on our Creo Rip. Pushes the button to print

3: 04PM: Job is printed and is moved to bindery.

3:10PM: Gaby our bindery operator gets the job cut using the programmable cutter and is then moved to QC/Packaging

3:13 PM: Steve inspects the Business cards for proper cutting and other things and is then packaged in the box. Ready to go

3: 16PM: Customer shows up in a yellow cab. She came to meet me I gave her the box, show her a card. She is so happy that she hugs me, and off to the cab.

I hope she was able to catch the flight.

Anyway…WE DID IT!! That made my day

PrintPapa is Ready To Print.. Are you!!!


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We Are Ready To Print !!!

Is Print Really Going to Be Dead in 10 Years?

The “age old” debate of whether print will stay or go continues till date. The progressive minded would always harp on saving paper and getting instant news online and anytime. It’s not a coincidence perhaps that when iphones and blackberries are a rage, many newspaper houses on this side of the globe are closing shop. This is NOT a global phenomenon tough! And if we see techies carrying on their lives without papers then we shouldn’t forget that not everybody who can read is a techie. Research, and also common sense, says that newspapers still hold their charm, as well as the advertising revenues. Even though a lot of advertising has shifted online, how effective they really are is yet to be proved.

Recently at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO) commented that all content consumed will be digital… social… and interactive. This stirred the digital v. print debate as people started speculating whether there’ll be any newspaper at all in 2019. But the future of print doesn’t seem to be as bleak as Steve commented. And in the words of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, “newspapers have a wonderful future. As printed products and as newly empowered news brands that deliver great journalism across many platforms customized to the interests of readers”. Well, I wish print won’t die ‘cause I still love the mesmerising smell of a fresh printed newspaper at breakfast, and so do many people like me I guess!

Will print survive even the next ten years?

Will print survive even the next ten years?

Is My Job Ready? Check out our New Dynamic Turnaround Calculator!

Q. So how do I know if I select ” 2 Business Day” and today is Friday then do i get it Monday?

Q. I placed the order on Monday (it was Memorial Day) and I chose Next Day, why it is not ready on Tuesday?

Q. It is 3 PM on Thursday and I am choosing Next Business Day as the Turnaround for my Postcard order as I really need it tomorrow. But I did not get it on Friday. Why?

These are some sample questions plus many more like these, we have to answer every day. It is time consuming and sometimes even confusing for us (printpapa) to provide the correct answer. Why? Read on….

We offer various turnarounds for every product. For e.g. Same Day, Next Day, 2 Day, 3 Day and so on.  You have to choose that when you place the order.

Based on when (i.e. day, time)  you are placing the order various factors can throw off the actual day the order will be ready to ship, pickup or deliver. Few of these are:

  • Different cut off time, for e.g. Same day cut off is by 10 AM pacific ime
  • Weekends and holidays are not counted as business days
  • Maintanence Days will not be counted as a valid business day

So what did we do?

We developed a easy to understand and very intuitive Turnaround Calendar.  See screen shot below. Click on it to view it in action:

Dynamic Turnaround Calendar

Dynamic Turnaround Calendar

At any time when you are placing order you can view the exact day your job will be ready by looking at this Dynamic Turnaround Calculator.

Where Do I See this Calendar?

2 Ways To Find this Calendar.

1. On the Top drop down menu under Help. See screenshot below:

Turnaround Menu

2. On every product click on the view date link next to the Turnaround Drop Down. see Below:

View Date

Pretty Simple – Start Using it Today.

By The Way – Do not forget to read the disclaimers about the exact turnaround dates. There are still factors which can delay your job.

Also I forgot to mention this

  • PrintPapa meets 99.99% of the deadlines by the promised due date.

  • PrintPapa meets 80% of the deadlines 1 day before the promised due date.

  • PrintPapa meets 60% of the deadlines 2 days before the promised due date.

So if you need something done and is very time critical, just make sure to let us know before or after you place the order. It might not be a bad idea to have a quick phone call chat with one of our reps to make sure about the deadline.

It has happened in the past that we have refused jobs if we cannot do it in time. If we take it then we will GET IT DONE ON TIME!!

Your Postcards Will Cost 25% Less in July!!

Are you considering postcards as a part of your marketing strategy? Why not! Printed postcards are great for every industry to promote their products, services, or events, or just to keep in touch with their dearest customers. Let’s take an example. If you are a restauranter, then imagine the bright faces of your food loving customers when they receive a visually enticing postcard of yummy delicacies with the latest entrants in the menu. I’m sure tables won’t go empty at your shop! Postcards can be really great as a marketing tool.

By the way, I also wanted to remind you while talking about the benefits of postcards that the 25% discount we are giving at PrintPapa is going to be over soon. Just a week is left! So, if you were planning to include postcards in your marketing plan, then this is a good time to place your order and save money. You can check out the sizes and other necessary details by visiting our page exclusively dedicated to postcards. Make sure you order before 31st July as this offer won’t be valid after that. Our print specialists are ready to help you with placing the order that would be just right for you. Get in touch with them for postcard printing in Bay Area and make the most of now!

Postcards for direct mail and marketing

Postcards for direct mail and marketing

High School Classes Steer Students to Pursue a Career in Graphic Communications

Are PGSF recipients being influenced to pursue a career in print-production-oriented graphic communications programs? – The Print & Graphic Scholarship Foundation (PGSF) and Illinois State University seem to be too keen to know this fact. As they thought, they did carry out a research in two phases. A Web-based survey was conducted for data collection.

The first phase was made up of graphic communications educators at the high school, 2-year, and 4-year college levels. The second phase of the study involved reviewing all college students and receiving the PGSF scholarship award. It was the students who were being asked to rate the factors that have influenced them the most to opt for a career in graphic communications. Student responses were then evaluated on two different but interrelated scales. The results of all 60 students were then surveyed and averaged to find out the relative impact of the influence.

It’s time to crack the nut now. Hurrah! Credit goes to the High school graphic communications classes. The classes influenced the students most to choose college majors in graphic communications. Experience on Yearbook clubs and service in printing companies were also quite prominent. The result strongly suggested that the “high-touch” experiences are the primary motivational factor to encourage the students to pursue graphic communications careers. Besides the role of the graphic communications companies who hire high school and college students for summer or part-time work deserve applause. Hiring these students may not be immediately profitable, as these employees are less skilled and experienced.

At a time when the printing equipment is being eliminated in many graphic communications in high school programs across the nation the research may turn the table. This time of course is in favor of High school graphic communications classes.

IIR Cancelled Total Print! Expo 2009

The news is quite depressing, especially for those who are a part of the printing industry. IIR has shelved this autumn’s Total Print! Expo (TPE) show. They put the blame on tricky market conditions. To go by the words of IIR managing director Nicky Mason – “To make it work sensibly we needed three or four of the big guys to say yes, and unfortunately, that didn’t happen. She further confessed that possibly Northprint’s relatively poor showing had a poor impact on bookings for TPE. “I think because we held people to contracts [for Northprint], they have been relatively slow to book for TPE,” she added.

IIR was supposed to begin investing in visitor promotion for TPE and to confirm its October booking of Earl’s Court 2. But unfortunately, they couldn’t, as they were not sure whether they had a show. The organizers are careful this time! Though they are in a mind to launch the show next year, they are welcoming industry feedback on the event’s content, format and frequency with open braces so as to make it a hit next year. They are putting their best shoes on to look different to the old Digital Print World (DPW). Therefore, they are all doing their best to find out the want and need of the exhibitors and visitors.

Irrespective of the degree of makeover the show has to undergo to be a crowd puller, the show would still be made to fit into IIR’s “commercial criteria” and should not be confused with a conference. “We need to get the audience right and focus on what’s new and what people are trying to do with their businesses.”, said Nicky Mason.

Flyer printing: For cost-effective offline advertising

Flyer/Datasheets printing is one of the best cost-effective methods of offline advertising in the world. Even in an age ruled by dotcoms, flyers have not lost the versatility and usefulness. Many companies still depend on flyers/datasheets to reach out to clients and consumers who may not be net-savvy. 


Flyers/Datasheet can be printed in various dimensions and styles. From 4.25″ x 5.5″ mini-flyers to giant poster-sized 11″x17″ types, flyers can come in almost any size. The quality of paper and the other materials can be customized according to the requirements of the company. Besides being customizable to the last detail, flyers have several other advantages too, which include:

1. Discreet advertising: An advertiser can leave stacks of flyers at cybercafés, restaurants, or even hospitals. People who see the colorful flyers are bound to pick up at least a few. This allows advertisers to reach potentially hundreds of possible customers or clients within a short period of time without having to interact manually with each and every one of them.

2. Economical advertising: This is one of the major benefits of advertising through flyers. A company can have a thousand flyers printed at a fraction of the cost that would be required to rent a billboard at a prominent location. Not just that, flyers can be stored for extended periods of time and used as and when required to ensure targeted advertising. This is something that can never be done with billboards without paying quite a good amount in fees. When ordered in bulk, flyers are one of the most economically viable options. The process of distributing these is also quite cost-effective. Even a few
students can be hired at a cheap rate for distributing the flyers.

3. On-demand advertising: Flyers can be stored indefinitely, as opposed to billboards or other physical mediums of advertising, most of which have a fixed date of expiration. Flyers that are left unused after a promotional campaign can be reused at a later date, unless those are focused on a particular event. In fact, having a stack of flyers on stock is like having an investment that keeps on giving, as and when required.

4. Different Sizes Below:

Flyer printing is a cost-effective and popular advertising technique. It has survived the test of time even in this dotcom era and in the coming years its popularity is expected to rise even further.

Why, oh why did you reject my file??

Recently we’ve had several designers question why our rejection of certain files submitted for various print jobs.
The simple answer is: We have very high standards for what we accept and offer our customers.

It is important for all contributing designers, free-lancers or ‘aficionado’ to remember that just because they design a piece of print, it doesn’t mean that its ready to get printed. Our pre press gurus evaluate each file for quality, color compensation and correct press-specifications before they determine that it can be printed. Once the pre press work is done and accepted files are released to our Presstek sheet fed machinery.

The following are simple tips to insure a more successful design technique that will ensure the least amount of problems throughout our press guidelines:

1-PRINT=300 WEB=72.

I’ve seen it a million times. A lot of submitters don’t fully realize that everything that is being posted on the web fails most of print’s resolutions specs.

Its really simple. All graphics meant for web use are created at 72dpi (dots per inch). Printing requires a standard 300dpi resolution to achieve better looking images.

The result of having 72dpi images printed on the offset is often a bad idea and result in pixelation of the images.
To prevent this, make sure that you work with images whose resolution does not go lower than 300 dots per inch when used at 100% size.


“So..I submitted a 300 dpi file.. on RGB mode. Colors look amazing on my screen but on my printed piece, colors look dull”..
This is probably the most common error that we see at printpapa.

RGB color mode is used to represent colors through the light spectrum using Red, Green, Blue bulbs. Most scanners will use this mode by default since they pick up the image on the scanner bed using a beam of light and reading back the colors as RGB values. Also, all images meant for web are by default created as RGB mode.

Having these two factors in mind, it’s easy to understand how a lot of media available to any designer is more than half the time created in RGB mode; unfortunately print procedures do not use light to reproduce colors, but rather a combination of inks (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black – CMYK) that when combined it creates the illusion of millions of colors on a page.

To make matters really interesting, RGB spectrum is a wider gamma than the spectrum used for printing. Thus when some color might exist in the RGB spectrum, does not necessarily means that it also exists on the CMYK spectrum resulting in colors looking dull.

To prevent unwanted color shifts when printed pieces are submitted to us, make sure to design using pieces that have been converted to the CMYK spectrum before finalizing your art.


More simple tips to ensure a proper file submission to follow..
Watch for the a continuing blog in this series.

Or send us your questions/suggestions and comments at