The Importance of Business Stationary in Marketing

Business stationery is something that is yet to find a clear-cut acceptance as potent marketing collateral, even though statistics and popular reaction speak otherwise. Most corporate organizations, especially, the amateur or small-scale start-up ventures, have a wrong conception of business stationery not being relevant to making a desired impact on the consumer base at all. However, they cannot be more wrong!Page Not Found

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But what is business stationery?

Business stationery can include anything – from direct mails to letterheads, from notepads to brochures, from pamphlets to simple flyer advertisements. The scope of both the content of business stationery in a corporate dictionary as well in effecting a change of mindset within the target consumer base for the better is huge! While firms may swear by a great brochure design that has won them over, others may prefer using promotional postcards to publicize the launch of a new office.


Business stationery may not always be expensive or use financially excruciating finishes. But what is needed is clear, clean print along with innovative but eye-catching designs. Many companies make the mistake of compromising on quality for the sake of having their corporate stationery printed for cheap. This may be a costly call as most consumers and potential business associates use business stationery as a tool for mapping the company’s focus on quality, reputation and as a preview of work samples!

So how can you make the business stationery attractive?

Well, first and foremost, you need to have a good design and clear but crisp text to be written specifically for the stationery. Remember that only focused marketing strategies can help you use corporate brochures, envelopes and even letterheads as marketing collateral. And having a visually appealing design and a catchy punch-line are the basics to get right.


Thereafter, what most companies prefer skipping over, is assigning the stationery to be printed with a reputable and professional print agency. This helps avoid some of the most common issues that later block the corporate stationery from actually complementing conventional marketing techniques in a full-fledged way:

  • Use of quality paper – preferably of cotton with richer textures and a smoother feel


  • Colors also appear authentic and sharp – unlike amateur print jobs where colors often break determined spaces and blunt the impact of images or graphics on the flyer or brochure
  • Embossing and engraving, including fine print are also advantages that professional print agencies provide
  • Logo and other imagery also appear better and help you stand a league apart from the conventional crowd

Therefore, choosing how and where you develop and print your business stationery respectively, can decide on which side of the fine line called ‘success’ you stand upon. You will find a good number of professional printing agencies such as the likes of PrintPapa, that not only help develop quality marketing collateral and corporate documents, but also possess richness and finesse in printing assignments.


So, unless you are against the idea of investing less and reaping more with the help of corporate stationery as a marketing tool, brochures, flyers and even well-designed envelopes can help net the interest of a niche consumer base like never before!

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