Recycling Used Postcards

Though this is the age of Internet and emails but postcard is still considered as one of the best ways to greet and inform people. This is the reason each year you get so many postcards from your friends, relatives or many other companies trying to promote their products or services. But once the postcard is read it is of no use and soon gets disposed of in the garbage box. But wasting paper is a crime in itself especially taking into consideration the rate at which the greenery is being shed all around you. So why not try and put minds into play and find some ways to use the postcards that are lying in a corner of your house.


The postcards are made of high quality materials and a lot of hard work goes in on the part of the printer to design them. So using the recycled postcards is also paying respect to the printing agencies. There are so many innovative ways to use the used postcards. Below are some of the ideas that you might put into use:

  • Creating a Collage: Cut some of the pieces of the beautiful custom made postcards and put them together to create a collage. You need to have a creative mindset to turn the pieces of postcard into an artwork. If the collage gets the desired effect then place it within a frame. This artwork can be given as a gift to any friend or even sold.
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  • Making a Birthday Scrapbook: Use the postcards to make pages of the scrapbook or the borders for the photos. The text portions of the postcards may also be used to create captions on the photos.
  • Creating Gift Tags: Beautiful images and designs are made on the postcards that are used for marketing. The printing service providers put in a lot of effort to make the postcards look the best. So if you have bought a gift for your friend then use the desired images from the heaps of postcards at your disposal. Just make a hole and then attach the image with a string or ribbon.
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  • Making Home Décor Items: Use the best images in your postcards and then place them in frames to make things of table and wall décor. These images may also be pasted on the glass and you will get a beautiful looking candle holder.

Custom printed postcards are the best things that can be used to decorate a home without spending a penny. So use them and that will in itself be showing respect to the printers.

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