4 Winning Business Card Shapes

Business cards are the first thing that a client or customer sees and it is very important that it makes an instant positive impression. Most often people go for the classical shapes, designs and colors but unlike other promotional materials such as brochures and pamphlets there are lots of avenues for experimentation. Sometimes some business person tries to imitate particular designs because successful companies use them and sometimes they just design their promotional business cards in a particular way because they have seen such a design somewhere.


If you want the money you paid for making the cards to come back to you multiplied hundred times then make them appear unique. One of the things that attract people is the shapes that are not generally seen. So the regular 2×3.5 rectangle is out unless you innovate in terms of material or added gimmicks.

A very attractive as well as very popular shape is the folded business card. It is also called the hinged business card. Here the card is folded either down the middle or in some other way to convey the main message. Sometimes such business cards can be displayed on the table with some social or humorous message and that helps in reminding the person that you were there. It does not need a second opinion that humor attracts people.


Tag like cards with two pieces chained together can be another innovative idea. People are using it and quite successfully. It not only gives you some extra space to add details but also makes it look different from the typical card like appearance. The materials and card printing type also add to the specialty. Sometimes the material does matter and the plain old card paper is giving way to plastic and even metal. The words are often embossed on such business cards.

Business cards in envelopes is a good way to make people see what is inside the envelope and that makes a point. Often the extra surface you get can be used in conveying little details about your business. The envelopes also prevent your card from getting defaced in case your client retains it for long.


Finally you get the customized shapes to reflect the business you are in. So the chocolate seller designs the card in the shape of a bitten bar of chocolate and a management firm designs its card like a folio. You can have your card designed and cut in a shape matching your company profile.

But whichever design you choose it is important to get it executed in the perfect manner and thus choosing the right printing agency is of utmost importance.

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