Making A Brochure or Flyer Stand Out

Sending flyers and brochures along with your marketing mails is one of the standard promotional operations adopted by the companies worldwide. There are many other ways that the marketeers are adopting to get their flyers or brochures noticed by people. While some leave them on the door knobs, others place them on the windshield while others might think of unique ways. There is not one reputed company that has not used  promotional materials to build their brand image. In this rapid rat race every company has only one instruction to their printing service provider that is to make their flyers and brochures stand out from the rest of the crowd. So below are some tips to make your brochures or flyers look unique and attractive at the same time.


  • Coloration: It is known to all designers around the world that color schemes for your brochures or for that matter any promotional material should compliment with the logo of the company. But this doesn’t not mean that you can not use creative designs. Use engaging images that compliment with the logo and the niche business that you are in. Suppose you own a pets shop then the images of dogs and cats eating together could be a good design. While designing you are not always handicapped by the color of the logo. Rather you can minimize the size of the logo and use other colors around it to create a design and coloration of your liking. One of the ways to create an impact with colors is to use such colors that the readers will least expect. You may try red font colors against a black background to draw attention. At times the color of the logo may also be changed for certain campaigns. Such as if you are trying to promote a environmental campaign then the color of the logo may be changed to green. Many companies also use different patterns and shapes that will act as separators between different offers and services. This is not only an attention drawing technique but one in which you as a designers will never fall short of ideas.


  • Sizes: It can simply be said that the oversized brochures create more appeal to the recipients and thus they are read with more interest then their smaller sized counterparts. To get good return on investment you must order for some oversized brochures the next time around. Though the standard sized brochure is of 8.5-inch by 11 inch but to get attention in the crowd you will need 11 inch by 17 inch. In case of flyers too, the bigger the better. So 8.5 inch by 14 inch or poster sized flyers of 11 inch by 17 inch have a better impression then the rest of the lot. But one small difference is that in the recent past the quarter page or card sized flyers are also a craze as they can be conveniently inserted in the purse.


Every company prints flyers and brochures in order to draw more attention then any other company in their niche. So everyone is on the lookout for unique ideas. But one of the key decisions is selecting a printing agency and this where companies like PrintPapa come into the frame. Such reputed companies make your promotional items distinct from the rest of the lot.

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