Choosing Letterhead Fonts To Reflect Your Company’s Style

A letterhead is the first impression of the organization to any stranger. Thus designing a letterhead for any organization may not be as simple as it sounds. Many things right from the organization’s ideals, values, culture and it’s sphere of business has to be kept in mind while designing letterhead. Since fonts are one of the major building blocks for any letterhead, it is of utmost importance to choose the fonts of the letterhead carefully. Some of the following things should be kept in mind while choosing fonts for a letterhead for any organization:


  • Think about the brand: A company’s brand should always be kept in mind while designing a letterhead. If your company has rich tradition and you want to be a elementary with your letterhead design using simple fonts like Times New Roman, Century Gothic, Futura or even Arial is a good choice. If the organization allows you to be creative with the the letterhead, then fonts like Comic Sans or Impact also could be used for design.
  • Make a statement: If you are not an established organization and want to make a bold statement then experimenting with the letterhead font is a great idea. Take a bold step and use a very uncommon and eye catchy font for your letterhead. This will immediately grab attention and establish your brand in minds of the people.


  • Complement the Logo: Logo is like a holy symbol to any organization and most of the times an organization doesn’t change it’s logo in a lifetime. The font of the letterhead should complement the logo of the organization. Both the font and the logo of the organization should blend with each other in the letterhead.


  • Design your own font: You might be in a situation that you can’t find the perfect font to complement your business than it’s time you design your own font. A font that is completely unique can go a long way in branding your organization and this not only applicable for letterhead but also other promotional materials such as banners and posters. Although creating your own font isn’t an easy exercise that level of recognition that it can bring in makes it a worth doing job.

A letterhead is more important than just being an official sheet of stationery for any organization. Fonts and logos in the letterhead may vary but one thing that is constant is the demand for high quality prints. PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of it’s clients satisfying them with it’s work.

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