Unique Ideas for a Recipe Book

The world is fast changing and so are human habits. Unlike the past, people have become more experimental with their food. Recipe books thus have become one of the most sought after possessions for many. People not only like to like to eat food from all across the globe but they want to prepare it all by themselves at home. This is where recipe books have come to people’s rescue. A good recipe book not only brings water from the mouth but also preserves many rare and traditional dishes from across the globe. A few things must be kept in mind while making a recipe book:


  • Raise Awareness: Since recipe books are used globally so it is important to make people aware of the different ingredients cutting across cultures. Linguistic barriers can be broken by listing all the major ingredients and spices in the book as an introduction. The images of these spices along with their popular international and regional names can make the recipe book more user friendly.


  • Two Page Concept: This is a great way of designing recipe book where on one page the ingredients, methods of preparation and presentation tips are listed, while on the other the image of the dish is printed. The printed picture gives the user a fair enough idea of what to expect once the dish is finally prepared.
  • Concentrate on Text: A recipe book is a help book and thus it should be self explanatory. List all the  ingredients in a logical order highlighting the amount required. The method of preparation can be printed in order and a bullet or number can be added before the start of each step. This will ensure that the readers will have a better experience while reading the book.


  • Seeing is Believing: This statement holds true and thus pictures are an integral part of any recipe book. Picture of the final dish after garnishing can be put in the center of the page. Around this picture of the dish through various stages of preparation or key ingredients can be used. This will give the recipe book a very unique look.

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