Where To Place A Poster?

Proper placement is the greatest compliment that a well designed poster needs to create an effective market campaign. Any poster or banner which doesn’t receive proper eyeballs is ineffective. A thorough market research needs to be carried out before placing any poster to create the maximum impact. The target audience and it’s habits and characteristics needs to be studied to target them effectively. Placing posters in public places serves the purpose of garnering maximum eyeballs for any product or service.


  • Shopping Malls: They are one of the most effective places to display posters and brochures. As most malls get huge footfalls these days, your poster if placed at the right spot can attract huge crowds. Also the fact that malls are frequented by people of a wide age group they serve as an ideal place to target people on a large scale irrespective of their characteristics.
  • Movie Theaters: No movie can sell without good promotional posters. Thus not only do the movies need posters for promotion but movie theaters are a great platform for promotion. Posters and banners other than those related to movies can also be promoted in the theaters.


  • High Traffic Areas: Large posters in high traffic areas are an ideal way for a marketing campaign.  Also bottlenecks on busy roads serve as an ideal place to display posters. Sidewalks and  thoroughfares are also ideal for promotion because the sheer number of people who pass through these busy roads.
  • Hotels and Restaurants: Although they may not attract huge crowds like the malls and roads they can be used to target niche audience. A poster placed at the entrance of a hotel or a restaurant can draw attention of a sizable percentage of the crowd entering it.
  • Educational Institutions: They serve an ideal place to target the youth with posters and newsletters. Also the fact that students are generally very curious, posters placed in educational institutes generally arouse high level of impact.


  • Stadiums and Auditoriums: This can serve as another platform for mass promotions due to the large audience during sports and other events. Also the fact that these places do get the coverage from other forms of the media such as television maximizes impact for the posters.

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