How To Design A Perfect Newsletter?

A newsletter is the most important corporate document. Like business cards, presentation folders and  company letterheads, newsletters are becoming primary advertising and marketing tool. Traditionally newsletters were used to give informal or confidential news of interest to a special group but off late newsletters are being used by many business firms to promote their brand among people.

As like books which doesn’t have an attractive cover, face a hard time selling, newsletters also need attractive cover design to grab people’s attention. A newsletter is an informative corporate document which carries lot of test and figures inside and thus the cover is an ideal place to show creativity. Newsletters primarily comes in three sizes which are the 8.5×11 Newsletter, 8.5×7 Newsletter and 8.5×5.5 Newsletter. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind while designing a perfect newsletter:

  • Design a Killing Cover – An attractive cover design ensures that people turn the pages of the newsletter upon seeing it. Make sure that your newsletter is bright in color as it immediately grabs attention. Highlight your brand name and the logo on the cover.
  • Use Images and Graphs – Using images and graphs gives the newsletter a warmer and attractive look. Too much of text tends to take away the attention of a reader from the newsletter. Pictures which correspond to the content should be used in the newsletter.
  • Theme your Newsletter Well – Your newsletter should be able to convey the message you intend at one go. Not all newsletters for different organizations are similar. It is important to theme your newsletter around the message it carries. In case the newsletter carries company’s financial performance it needs to be formal but a newsletter on employees can be more playful.
  • Stress on Content – Content is the soul of any newsletter so write content that is interesting and informative. Include case studies, testimonials and accreditation which will establish the name of your brand and carry the message to the intended audience.
  • Print it in Style – After all the hard work ordinary printing will spoil your newsletter. Hire a professional printer who will use the latest printing technology and use high quality paper for the job. Newsletter if not printed well can hurt your brand image instead of powering it.

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