The Essentials Of Banner Marketing

Banners serve as one of the best marketing tools as they cater to a large audience. Along with posters they are the perfect marketing vehicles for advertising your product or service during sporting events, conference and in places like educational institutions and city streets. A well designed banner can be one of the most cost effective ways to market your product or service.

Banners are of two types Economy Banners and Premium Banner. Economy banners are used for short term outdoor marketing like in a sporting event or a trade show where as Premium Banners are those which are for long term outdoor promotion like those found in educational institutions, hospitals etc. A few things should be kept in mind for effective banner marketing.

  • Know your Target Audience – It is very important to know who your target audience is before hanging your banner. It may sound ideal to have a banner in busy areas but large audience tend to have diverse interests which may not be beneficial for marketing. If you plan to target the youth then placing banners at educational institutions and sporting venues will be ideal.
  • Catch the Eye – It is very important to design a banner that is eye catchy. It should be able to grab a person’s attention from a distance. Play with bright colors while designing your banner as they look attractive. Also use catchy one-liners which register in a person’s mind immediately as they can go a long way in the promotion of your products or services.
  • Placement is Key – Placement of a banner plays a key role in making it effective. A banner should be placed such that it can be viewed from a distance. Avoid placing the banner in corners as your target audience might fail to notice it.  Also do not place the banner too high as it becomes uncomfortable for viewing.
  • Use Multiple Banners – Placing a single banner during a large events like a trade fair may not prove to be beneficial. Try placing multiple banners during such events for maximum publicity. Also try having variation in your banner during such events.
  • Print it Perfectly – It is very important to print a banner well after designing it. Look for a professional printing agency which has expertise in banner printing. Do not compromise on the quality of the banner under any circumstance.

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