Did you Know? Custom Printed Notepads is a Great Promotional Item!!

Everyone wants an edge in this era of cut throat competition. The business world is at the apex of competition nowadays. Business owners can ill afford to sit on their laurels. If they do their competitors may race ahead. This is why people started using various marketing techniques. Marketeers started printing promotional materials to display their products and services to the huge consumer base. Notepads are one such promotional material. Earlier it was associated with only the doctor’s chamber but nowadays everyone uses it for noting down some of the important information all throughout the day. Notepads printing is thus one of the most ordered for items id you ask any printer. But there are hundred others that are using notepads to market their products thus you require an edge over them. This edge is provided by the custom printed notepads.


In the recent past people are more and more opting for the custom printed notepads as this gives their promotional material an unique entity and makes them stand out in the crowd of marketeers. But why are the custom printed notepads such a great way to promote?

1. Logo: In the custom printed notepad there are options where the printer using your company logo with more freedom than in case of the general notepads. One of the reasons why you are opting for notepad printing or for that matter any promotional material printing is that you want to get the attention of the recipients towards your company and its products or services. With the custom printed notepads you have more space to make the logos better designed and more prominent. With the help of the full color notepad printing option all the colors used in the logo can easily be noticed.

2. Tag Line: Adding an attractive tag line that resembles the values and ethics of the company is another freedom that you have in case of custom printed notepads. Other contemporary notepads have said space which does not allow the marketeers enough space to include an impressive tag line. The tag line should make the readers believe that you are authentic and you can serve them better than a host lot of others. Some companies make the blunder of keeping their tag lines very simple but this is not what will earn you an edge thus think of something unique to tell.

3. Address: As there are various sizes of custom printed notepads, so you may give your company’s address. If the readers are satisfied with the things they read in the cover of the notepad or even in the inner pages then they might want to pay a visit to your company’s office. You should always include the address of your company in the cover of the notepad. In case of the full color notepad you might highlight the company address with some different color to attract attention.

4. Phone Number: In case your office is a long distance away from the readers location then they might want to call you and know the details of your service. Thus giving a phone number pays rich dividends in case of custom notepad printing. Full color notepads printing options also lets mingle the information with various graphics.

One of the basic benefits of notepads over other promotional materials is that they are not thrown into the trash box. Thus they have a longer retentivity then most other promotional materials. Now with the full color notepads there are more choices for the marketeers to convert a prospect into a client.

Summary: Custom printed notepads are retained for longer time frame then the other promotional materials. There are various information that can be entered into such notepads as they are designed according to needs. Visit PrintPapa.com to order your next run of Notepads.

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