How to Print Booklets for Press Kit?

Press conferences are one of the most common affairs in the corporate world. A press kit thus becomes a crucial print item that is extensively used in the business world. Booklet is an important part of a good press kit and it should be printed well. A good press kit carries the impression of the organization and you should not compromise with it at any cost. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while printing a booklet for a press kit:

  • A press booklet should always be a small but detailed printout. It should be comfortably fit into a press kit. It should have complete information about the company that a news person may need.
  • The size of the booklet in your press kit also matters and the size of the booklet shouldn’t be too large and it should fit in well inside the booklet.
  • Your booklet should contain complete contact details for the news person to make any clarification if they require it.
  • Your booklet should have graphics and charts to let people know the performance of your company. It should also have images which promote your business.

  • It should be printed on high quality paper as it carries along with it the impression of the organization. There should be no compromise on the quality of the paper.
  • Make sure that the image file that you take for printing is of very high resolution. This will ensure that the end product also comes out good.
  • Insist your printing agencies to use high quality ink for your booklet. This will ensure that your booklet looks good. You can also use metallic ink for your booklet as this makes it glitter.
  • Make sure that the booklet that you are printing is in full color. This will make it look attractive compared to a single color booklet.
  • Try a gloss coat on all your booklets as this will bring that element of shine and make your booklet stand out against others.

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