Design Posters to Promote Energy Conservation

In the last 100 years man has become energy hungry. From the cars we dive to the light bulb in our home, everything runs on energy. Most of the energy we use comes from non-renewable sources of energy which will have limited supply in the future. Awareness is a must on these issues and posters are an ideal way to do it.

You can put up your poster in educational institutions; workplaces, public places, place of religious interest. These go a long way in creating awareness about the energy conservation. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while designing posters to promote energy conservation:

  • Highlight The Cause: There are people who aren’t aware of the seriousness of energy crisis. Your posters need to make them aware of the facts. You can point how many years of petroleum supplies are we left with or how the coal reserves are getting over slowly. Facts and figures on these will have a greater impact on the audience. You can also add sources to the poster to make it look attractive.
  • Educate on Wastage: Throughout the world a lot of energy is wasted daily. Use pictures and graphics to highlight the issue of wastage of energy. Ask people to stop wasting electricity; avoid card and other vehicles for distances which can be covered on foot or on a cycle. Make them understand that saving something is as good as producing it. Show them the incentives of saving energy.
  • Use Catchy Slogans: Printing catchy slogans on your posters are a great way of taking the cause to the people. Try to hit people emotionally saying energy conservation is not just for them but for their children and grandchildren. Highlight what are the areas where they are going wrong with their energy usage.
  • Give Alternatives: Most people keep consuming non-renewable energy sources as they do not know suitable alternatives. A good energy conservation poster should encourage people to use energy efficient equipments like solar water heater, solar light etc. Highlight the cost saving that they would have using these renewable sources of energy.

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