Comical Ideas for Holiday Photo Greeting Cards

There are different occasions for holidays while some are for festivities others are or celebrating freedom or any special day in a country. Whatever be the occasion one thing you can be rest assured is that there is a lot of fun associated with each holiday. To make the occasion more special there are many types of gifts exchanged between the family members and friends. Along with the gift come the greetings cards. These are given with an intention to give your best wishes and love to the recipient. With the advent of the photo greetings cards there are many creative ideas that can be put into to your best wishes card. The photo greetings cards are the best way to break the traditional path and gift something unique to the recipients.

Make the holidays greetings cards more fun filled by planning for unique photo greetings cards. Isn’t it a good idea to make the recipient of the photo greetings card laugh aloud with some funny photos as the cover of your card? There are many ways to achieve this effect. Laughter is evoked when a snap is taken in a very nontraditional moment. You can use the bathtub as the background for your Christmas greetings card. You can fill the bathtub with bubbles and then get your children dressed as the Santa Clause and your pets (if you have any) as the reindeer by adding antlers to its head. The bathtub with bubbles makes the children joyous and there will be many funny expressions that they will give out. Just make sure you take the perfect shot and then use it as your cards’ cover.

Funny holiday greetings cards can be obtained by families dressing up in a theme. Before the Halloween you may dress yourself as Mr. And Mrs. Vampire and the kids as the small, cute little vampires, the pets can also be dressed aptly to give a scary feeling. For Christmas the dad might become Mr. Santa and mom might be Mrs. Santa while the kids will be the helpers dressed in cute red dresses, you can also dress your pet with noses and antlers to make it look like Rudolf. Another great way is to give your family the retro look of the 70s and edit the pictures using sepia color to give it an old time feeling. This will also make the onlookers smile.

The conventionally posed photo greetings cards are nothing new, they are gift items selected by many. The people whom you are sending the greetings cards know you closely so why give them cards with the same old conventional snaps. Make them smile with some very unique poses of you and your family. It is very easy to create humorous greetings cards.

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