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Why Should I Buy My Printing Locally?

As printing services have become essential marketing aids for the businesses, thus they are found in every locality. But there is a general misconception among the business owners that only the big names can yield them good results while the local printing services are made for frauds. This is not the truth. There might be some printing agencies in your locality which might deliver the same results as big named companies. When you measure the pros and cons of getting printing locally, the pros definitely outnumber the cons. There are two choices while making a selection of local printers. You can either opt for the physical printing services or search through the Internet to find best online printing services in your locality. Physical printers may be an attractive proposition for some as you will not have to wait on the printers schedule but it is a bit high costing if the number of documents to be printed is not low. Online printing services on the otherhand can provide full color prints of large volumes at cost effective rates. There are various paper size options available with the online printing service providers. Moreover, the online printers are specialized in printing of various types of promotional materials such as letterheads, brochures, posters, business cards, etc.

One of the basic issues surrounding the choice of local printers is that customers often feel they can get better deals online. Thus they look to reduce the printing costs by visiting a reputed online store offering a fair deal. But the reduced cost for online printers depends on the company you choose. If hard to believe prices are offered by a store, then you may be losing out on quality of the end product. As the local printers are based in your locality they will not provide you inferior quality prints. If you are not satisfied with their services you will not recommend them to anyone else and this might hamper their business growth. So the local printers are more careful about the services they offer to their customers. There are many other advantages of using the services of the local printers such as:


  • When the printers are placed in locality, you can visit the print press anytime you want to and check the proof and adjust the colors for your promotional materials. This saves you from the hassles of traveling or having to wait for extended periods to check your proof.
  • You can sit with the professionals employed at the local printers and plan the layout and design face to face.
  • You can check the quality of paper and make sure that it meets your expectations. Paper is an important aspect in getting flawless prints.

Though many online printing service providers will provide you significant discounts, but those will affect the quality of the prints. Though you might have to spend some extra bucks for getting local printing services but that will help your printing promotions significantly, as a print promotion solely depends on the quality of the paper and prints. You will not have to wait for the prints to arrive. When you take up the services of big named printing service provider there are chances that your work will be in the queue and thus will take some time to be delivered. In terms of the local printers you can expect personalized handling of your orders. If you are looking for a local printer in Santa Clara, California then PrintPapa is the best option you can opt for. They have wide experience in printing promotional materials such as envelopes, doorhanger, poster, rackcards, greeting cards, etc.

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Field


If you had to choose one or the other, do you think it would be wiser to work on your company’s weak points or to push its strengths?

On the surface, it seems that shoring up the weaknesses makes more logical sense, but in reality doubling down to push your strengths and create a wider gap to stay ahead of your competitors is the smarter tactic.


To stand apart from your competitors, your firm needs a point of differentiation in the eyes of your target market. In the mind of your audience — your current customers and prospects == the strengths of your company are what draws them to you.

Working to widen the gap further accomplishes two things: It makes it harder for your competitors to catch up and entrenches your company as the leader in your marketplace.

Of course, this is not to say you should ignore the weaknesses, but they shouldn’t be your primary focus. Instead, you should devote the bulk of your resources to developing your strengths. By working primarily on your weaknesses, you may inadvertently make your company seem more similar to your competition, rather than having it stand apart.

So throw aside common wisdom and defy the herd mentality. Blaze a path by continually working on advancing your strengths in order to be the thought leader in your market.

3 Simple Steps to Check Proof of Your Self Published Book

When you are self publishing book there comes a moment of truth for which you have been waiting both as an author and publisher. You get the printed proof delivered. Before this, all your creative work has existed in word documents, in the layouts and typography. It is the first time that you see and hold your work in hand. Many authors are carried away by the situation and rightly so! Most first time self publishing authors are excited along with frightened. But do not give the go ahead to the printing service provider just yet. You have to proof read the book before it goes for printing. Checking proof for the book ensures that the book is correctly printed. Make sure all the misalignment, weird spacing, wrong fonts and typographical errors are carefully removed. Not only the newbie, many experienced self publishing authors are still bugged by the problems regarding proof checking. You should check the proof like your job depends upon it. And indeed that is the truth; no reader likes to see silly mistakes in a book!

How to check the proof of your book effectively? Let’s have a look at the 3 step process to simplify your proofing tasks:

Step 1: Reading the Book

Give a detailed read through the entire book. While reading through the book mark the typographical errors or other inconsistencies present in the book. While going through the book you should be aware of the following:

  • Are the fonts used consistently through the book?
  • Whether the quotation marks are curled and they are not inch straight?
  • Whether the hyphens are properly mentioned? Hyphens can change the meaning of a word.
  • Is the line spacing between the paragraphs consistent?
  • Are some lines looser while others tighter? Also check whether there are forced line breaks.

You may also ask someone else to read through the book, who hasn’t seen the work before. Independent observers can often uncover many flaws that might have gone unnoticed.

Step 2: Looks of the Book

Forget about the text now and concentrate solely on how the book looks. You should be looking for the below provided list of things in your book:

  • Windows/Orphans: Get rid of the single lines at the bottom of top of a page.
  • Running heads should be consistent and have proper information. The headlines mainly include the chapter and part titles. Often these are the most overlooked parts of the book.
  • Check whether all the chapter openers start from the same place on the page. Also check whether all the elements in the page are similar.
  • Make sure that the pagination is properly done. All the odd numbered pages are on the right side.
  • Page references should also be checked for.
  • Paragraph indents should always be consistent whatever be the style used.

To check the alignment of the pages you should hold the book in one hand and flip the pages quickly using the finger. This will bring to your notice whether there are any misalignment or not.

Step 3: Checking the Cover

It is often the front and back cover of a book that determines the sales of a book. So below are some steps to proof the cover of your book:

  • Are the color and design elements in the cover just as you had planned?
  • Is the book’s title clearly visible?
  • Are the words typed on the spine of the book straight and clear?
  • None of the important information should be close to the trimmed edges.
  • Make sure the ISBN or bar code in the back cover of the book matches with the information in the copyright page.
  • Check whether the category and price included in the book are correct?
  • Proof read the content on the back cover of the book too.

With the help of the above given steps you can check proof of your book effectively and make the changes that will make self published book look more professional. If you have any further troubles you can contact a reputed printing agency such as PrintPapa. They have a wealth of experience in printing various types of promotional materials such as Brochures, Booklets, Calendars, Presentation Folders, Business Cards, etc.

What is Online Printing Anyway?

In the fast world of the times everyone wants solutions to their problems without leaving their homes. If you have started a business you would require printing service providers to get the key promotional materials such as Letterheads, Business Cards, Brochures, Posters, etc. printed. You can get the best printing services for such promotional materials without having to move an inch from your home or office. There are many reputed printing agencies offering online printing. Online printing is affordable and convenient and the printers mete out best quality and timely delivery. You should check with the printing service provider whether they meet the above mentioned criteria. In the traditional printing services the customers had to visit the press again and again to monitor the quality and progress of work. The busy professionals had to cut down upon their relaxation time to pay such visits to the printing press. It is very difficult for the new business owners to dedicate such time as they have to look into various key business aspects such as legal matters, recruitment, decoration/renovation of the office, etc. So with the help of the online printing services you can now have some time to relax.

If you have certain designs and content that would be implemented in the promotional materials, then there are special arrangements at such sites. The online printing service providers have special sections where you can not only order for the items but also upload your artwork based on the specifications mentioned at the website. The payment gateway used by the leading printing service providers such as PrintPapa is totally safe. Once ordered for the items get delivered in quick time. All the promotional materials are created strictly based on your preferences. So there is no place to complain. But it is important to learn about the file format for the files that need to be uploaded by the clients.

There is no need to worry about the date of delivery. It generally does not take more than few business day to deliver the order.

Vast options are available for online printing with PrintPapa whether it is business card, rack cards, poster, banner, or any other type of promotional materials you want to get printed you will get plenty of options.

Should I print it 2-color or 4-color?

If you still lived in the early days of printing then this question would have never crossed your mind because two color offset printing was the only option available in those times. With the growth of digital printing technology there are new options available now for commercial printing. Four color digital printing is a viable option for all the marketers in today’s times. But the availability of the two color and four color printing process has left many people confused. This is the reason, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both these color printing processes is important.

Two color offset printing is one of the most common processes for high volume commercial printing. In this process the image to be inserted is placed on a plate and then transferred from the plate to a rubber blanket, which again is moved to the printing surface. Two color printing is mainly based on the use of oil and water. Ink rollers supply the required ink to the images while the non printed area attracts a film of water. The film of water keeps the non printing area free of any ink. In four color digital printing process the mechanical steps such as manually stripping the pieces to create a plate and making films for color proofs are not needed.

Now, let us take a look into the advantages of both these processes to make a comparative study:

Four Color Digital Printing Advantages

  • It provides a shorter turnaround as it does not require much manual work.
  • All the prints have same color. There are lesser wastes, accurate counts and the color remains constant as there is no need to balance the ink and water during digital printing.
  • It costs lower for high volume of printing. Though the per unit cost of each piece is higher than in offset printing, but when you consider the set up costs, you will find that four color printing costs much less nowadays as the there is no setup cost in digital printing.
  • There are customization options in four color printing without slowing down the print speed. The information stored in the databases can be used to provide unique copies every time, such as ones for the personalized letters used for marketing. This process is called Variable Data Printing.

Two Color Offset Printing Advantages

  • It will work on many types of surfaces other than paper such as cloth, metal, wood, plastic, leather, etc.
  • If you order for a large quantity of prints then per unit cost goes down.
  • Modern two color or 4 color offset presses use computer to plate technology which assures higher quality.

Are you still not able to make up your mind? Then use the below given checklist.

  • Quantity: If you are ordering for a large number of prints then the cost per unit would be considerably less for two color offset printing, while if you are looking for short run printing then four color digital printing is your definite choice.
  • Printing Medium: If you need unusual printing surface, special type of paper, unique size, etc. then offset printing is a good choice. Though the options are gradually increasing with four color printing too.
  • Color: If you require only black and white prints then the two color process is a choice you can make. While if you want many colors to be used in your prints then the four color or digital printing is your cup of tea.
  • Turnaround: Four color printing is totally automated and controlled by the computers so it will give you faster turnaround. So if you have a time constraint, four color printing should be your choice.
  • Proof Checking: Four color digital prints offer better proofs as they produce a sample of how the actual printed piece would look like.

So make the choices based on your requirements. You may also ask for suggestions from the experienced printing service providers such as PrintPapa. They have expertise in offering high quality printing for various promotional materials such as rack cards, greeting cards, posters, short run books, NCR forms, etc.

CarbonLess Forms & its Uses

Carbonless NCR Paper – Available here @ Print Papa.

Carbonless Forms: Every Use, Every day, Everywhere, they are convenient, Accurate, and Efficient

Carbonless Forms can save you time and money by providing a quick, convenient solution for a variety of your everyday business needs.

You Can:

* Capture information quickly and Conveniently

* Save time by using multiple copies

* Produce Multiple completed copies easily

* A Cost-saving, time-saving, way to record customer information

Here are a list of many way NCR Forms can be applicable for:

-Bills of lading – Invoices – Patient Record Forms – Insurance Contracts – Employment Applications – Estimates

-Pick Tickets – Receipts – Medical Claims Forms – Legal Contracts – Loan Applications – Expense Forms

-Packing Slips – Purchase Orders – Prescription Forms – real estate Contracts – Credit Applications – Enrollment Forms

-Delivery Forms – Work Orders – Daily Reports – Safety Compliance Forms – Debit memos – Parking Tickets

Plus Many More……

Carbonless Forms are also an ideal solution for….

-Auto Repair Shops

-Medical Offices-

-Educational facilities

-Real Estates agents

– Municipal Agnencies

– Law Offices

-Retail Stores

-Finacial Institutions

-Nonprofit Organizations

-Insurance Companies

-Oil change Shops



-Dry Cleaners

PrintPapa gets recognized by Presstek – The Case Study

PrintPapa, which initiated its journey from being a mailbox store franchise offering copying services, has quickly become a full service graphic production and printing company. One of the key factors behind the phenomenal rise of the company has been attributed to the use of the Presstek DI digital offset.


In 2003, the whole saga started when Shawn and Paul Nag left their software engineering jobs in a leading firm to start their own business. The duo started out with a mailbox store franchise to begin with. They sold black and white and color copiers in the initial years. As the amount of business grew, the Nag brothers found out that their business was primarily focused on copying and printing. So, they started outsourcing large works to other printers. But this strategy was not reaping the profits the brothers were hoping for. Then there were many other issues with quality and meeting schedules. So, Shawn and Paul started their own printing business and PrintPapa was formed in 2004.


In order to give their business a head start, the Nag brothers bought two presses – a small format two and four color presses. For prepress they used the new Presstek Dimension Excel chemistry free CTP system. The metal plates used in these presses gave great results.

But as the business grew there were various problems with the yield of these printers so that the Nag brothers turned to Presstek again. In a trade show they got acquainted with Presstek 34DI digital offset press. After using this press there was no looking back for PrintPapa.  The owners of the company felt that with the use of Presstek 34DI they have got a lot of business even in the recession hit economy. This printer has also allowed the company to charge affordable prices from their clients.


Shawn and Paul Nag now feel that investing in the Presstek 34 DI digital press was the wisest decision they made!

A Lesson from the Stands

Sports and business have long enjoyed a unique connection. Many of the traits shared by top athletes and coaches are as valuable in the boardroom as they are in the locker room. Authors, speakers, and business consultants often use sports-related anecdotes and stories to illustrate points they’re trying to make to a business audience.

Today, I’d like to share a sports-related story with a slightly different twist. This tale doesn’t involve a famous player, team, or coach, and it doesn’t take place in the locker room or on the playing field. Instead, it involves two fans in the stands at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Earlier this summer, the San Francisco Giants were hosting the Pittsburgh Pirates. In the top of the ninth inning, Pittsburgh’s Ryan Doumit hit a foul ball into the stands, and the cameras caught the image of a young fan catching the ball and then handing it to a stranger in front of him. The move was greeted with cheers from the people surrounding the boy. After some speculation, the TV announcers explained that, apparently, the other fan had caught a foul ball earlier in the game and handed it to the boy as a souvenir. He was just returning the favor.

Sometimes, it’s easy to get so caught up in the negativity around us that we start looking for ulterior motives in every seemingly kind act. But cynicism only breeds more cynicism, and every silver lining does not always involve a cloud. Occasionally, it takes a kind act (or two kind acts in this case) to remind us that fair play, generosity, and sportsmanship are still alive and well — in <i>all</i> areas of life.

Hefty Discounts with Coupon Codes at Print Papa for the Month of August

To get attention of prospective buyers and earn profits you need to promote and market your products well. But as marketers you might not have enough marketing budget for big or mega events, print ads and TV commercials. If you are stuck in such a situation then promotional printing at Print Papa is your answer to all advertising needs.

Post Card Printing and Mailing Service

At PrintPapa we can Design, Print and Mail your postcards! There are various uses of the postcards whether they are used as RSVP Cards, Announcements, Direct Mailing or Handouts provided at Trade Shows. As these are important products for promotional campaigns we offer fast turn around and best quality. You can save your time and money even further by letting us Print, Design and Mail the postcards on your part.

Core Features of Mailing Service

•    Send the mailing list in the proper format by downloading the format and template available at the website.
•    Name the file mailing.xls and save the file in Excel or csv file format.
•    Upload the address details file and the artwork after you have placed the order.
•    As per the USPS guidelines the address block in your postcard should be white.
•    Order at least 50 cards more than your address count; this will save you from running short of stocks.
•    2 extra production days will be added to the turn around time chosen by you.
•    Postage costs are not included in our service. Thus you will have to pay extra for that.
•    The unused postcards will be shipped to your location after the mailing process is completed.
•    If you want to recycle the remaining postcards, just let us know we will do it for free.

Latest Postcard Printing Offers

In the month of August we have brought new options and lower prices for Postcard Printing. Some of the latest offers for Postcard printing at PrintPapa include:

•    Low minimum order limit has been cut down to 50 postcards. This will allow our customers to order postcards exactly per their needs.
•    Corner Rounding Option has also been included for postcard printing and designing. This is one of the latest trends in postcard marketing and we will let our customers get the best benefits with corner rounding postcards.
•    With our discount offer all through the month of August all the customers can save on their print marketing budgets.
•    We have brought more choices in terms of size, design and dimensions of postcards.
•    Same and next day delivery is available for low as well we high amount of postcard printing orders.

To help marketers make the most of print promotions we at Print Papa are offering attractive deals all through the month. For the benefit of their customers Print Papa has introduced Coupon Codes that will earn you significant discounts for the ordered items. To avail these offers you have to simply enter the coupon code provided with the ordered variety of printed promotional product. The coupon names and their respective coupon codes are mentioned below:


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This lucrative discount offer is available for the month of August only. So register with Print Papa today!