Top 10 Uses for Labels/Stickers

Probably the most versatile marketing or decorative item you can create is a sticker/label. “really?” you say. Yes. Allow me to show you what I mean in a list I like to call “10 ways to market with a sticker“.


1. Business Cards: Let’s be honest, 75% of the business cards you hand out see the same gruesome at the bottom of someones trashcan. What’s a good way to avoid that? Make your BC functional. A nice design combined with the means to place it somewhere semi-permanently results in a long lasting  impression that continues long after your encounter with the recipient.

2. Logo Branding: A rather broad use for a sticker so let me clarify. A simple sticker and placement are key here. Just your logo and a website or your logo and a catch phrase. You don’t want to make anyone work too hard to see you. That leads us to placement. Visible is critical. Put them somewhere they can be seen and find creative ways to place them.

3. QR Stickers: These days everyone’s is “smart” and able to scan QR codes. It’s not a bad idea to use one just so you can make it easy for potential customers to gain access to you online.  A logo and a QR code works fine. You could even go as far as JUST using a QR code. That would actually peak interest and cause people to scan it just so they can see where the rabbit hole leads.

4. Product Labels: If you sell it, you can label it (mostly). A jar of preserves you spent all night making is only as appealing as it’s packaging. Show the consumer how organic, hip or down home your product is with a label that matches. This idea works on almost any product you can physically hand to a customer. Tell your story, or just explain whats in your product.

5. Product Inserts: There’s something about a T-shirt or mug or even a box of pens that comes with a sticker. Makes you feel like you got just a little bit more. Not much, but just enough to make you feel better about the purchase. Advertise new products or alternate versions of the product they just purchased.

6. Flyers: Flyers are another product that tends to meet the trash more often than you would like. How about we spruce up the flyer and make it a 4×6 sticker instead?  Big sticker, big statement. Stickers tend to make people want to put them on something so in turn, you’d be making every person you hand one to a potential marketer for your company.

7.  Artwork: Are you an artist? Why not create smaller versions of your masterpiece for people to admire in more places than just a gallery. On a binder perhaps. Maybe their laptop or refrigerator.

8. Party/Event Favors: Sponsoring a party or event? Stickers are a great way to promote and tie in the memory of a great party with your company. Snazzy design, a little info and boom!

9.  Positive Affirmation: It’s always nice to tell your customers that you appreciate them. Here at, every package that leaves our facility is adorned with a sticker that reads “We love our customers”. It’s not a huge gesture, but a nice one that makes the customer feel good about the purchase and doing business with us.

10. Social Media Portals: It’s always a good idea to direct traffic to your website, but getting people to interact with you through social media is just as important. You can create labels that specifically target your Social Media pages.


There are plenty more specific uses for labels and stickers out there. It’s all about being creative. Remember, if you need to print some, you can always go to >>Click Here!

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