Magnets to Mobile Billboards

Your car or truck can be your own personal Mobile Billboard! You drive it everyday and all over town. Just think of the eyes that could potentially see your vehicle.  A ton right? It’s a great means of marketing but, let’s face it, not everyone can afford to get their car wrapped, but there is an alternative. We like to call them Vehicle Magnets. Not only are they a much cheaper route but, they are also a far less permanent way to go. Fully customizable, easy application and very cost effective, the Vehicle Magnet can totally revamp and rejuvenate your marketing efforts from an angle that you hadn’t considered before.

Something to bear in mind. Direct sunlight will heat up your magnetic sign and can cause slight damage if left unattended  over a long period of time. The way to avoid this is by simply removing your magnet and washing the back of it every 3 weeks or so. This way, your magnet can be used for quite a long time and won’t have an adverse affect on the condition of your vehicle. It’s a win-win 🙂

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