Take your marketing to the streets!


You have seen them. Walking down the street while on the way to work or looking for a bite to eat and boom. There on the sidewalk staring you in the face, is a a lunch special at a restaurant you haven’t tried yet or a sale at your favorite shoe store. All this wonderful news in the form of an A-Frame Sign also known as a Sandwich Board. What can an A-Frame do for you? better question is what CAN’T it do for you. Street level marketing can increase foot traffic for your store front exponentially. Increased foot traffic means increased potential for revenue and return business. For a local storefront, that’s crucial. You can direct consumers straight to your front door and give them a reason to follow your direction all at the same time. Each A-Frame is a two sided sign making it effective from multiple directions and a terrific tool in Gorilla marketing.

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