Monthly Archives: February 2013

What can you bring to the table? A Third dimension maybe?


There aren’t many scenarios one can think of that grants you  a captive audience for over an hour on average. So, how can you use this information to your advantage? The Table Tent. A 2 sided, free standing promotional flyer, menu, specials card and all around informative printed piece. Picture the family sitting at a dinner table waiting for their meal to arrive. The small billboard sitting at the end of or the center of the table will be an irresistible read. Bright, colorful and more than likely saying something that can benefit the reader in some way, the table tent is how you can speak to your customers without saying a word.

Commonly used for restaurants and bars, the Table Tent doesn’t have a required application. They serve equally as well in a trade-show environment promoting new products and services as they would at your local church displaying future events. A Table Tent on every flat surface, at your current club event, that shows the details and information for your next club event? Perfect. The promotional uses are endless with these little babies. Anything you can print flat, you can print to a Table Tent.


The stronger the card, the stronger the impression

Can you imagine it? A Business Card or Flyer that can hold it’s own when braving the elements, stand the test of time and impress the recipient all at the same time? Well, they are here. No more paper flyers that wrinkle, buckle or smear when they encounter a tiny bit of water. These new Plastic Cards are the latest thing in survival, multi-terrain  marketing. Full color, multiple sized, water and tear proof goodness. No more folded and frayed edges, Plastic Cards can handle being handled. They are made from a sturdy 12 mil vinyl and applicable in any scenario that you can apply a paper stock to and then some. Avoid need to get your signs laminated, make them plastic and they can withstand the weather. You are only limited by your own imagination. Happy printing.

Front Yard marketing…it’s a thing, really.

The lawn isn’t just for grass, ceramic gnomes and plastic flamingos anymore, (gasp), now you can actually utilize your plush green for marketing and promotions! Historically the “Yard Sign” has been used strictly for political campaigning and support, but those days are in the past. Now, the future of neighborhood and local marketing  is in the yards and sidewalks of small communities. Event promotions, Grand openings, sale events, new specials, new releases…the list is pretty endless. Think of them as small billboards that birds won’t land on won’t. Your own imagination is your only limitation. Happy Printing folks!