What can you bring to the table? A Third dimension maybe?


There aren’t many scenarios one can think of that grants you  a captive audience for over an hour on average. So, how can you use this information to your advantage? The Table Tent. A 2 sided, free standing promotional flyer, menu, specials card and all around informative printed piece. Picture the family sitting at a dinner table waiting for their meal to arrive. The small billboard sitting at the end of or the center of the table will be an irresistible read. Bright, colorful and more than likely saying something that can benefit the reader in some way, the table tent is how you can speak to your customers without saying a word.

Commonly used for restaurants and bars, the Table Tent doesn’t have a required application. They serve equally as well in a trade-show environment promoting new products and services as they would at your local church displaying future events. A Table Tent on every flat surface, at your current club event, that shows the details and information for your next club event? Perfect. The promotional uses are endless with these little babies. Anything you can print flat, you can print to a Table Tent.


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