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Tip – How To Add Our Emails To Safe Sender List

Add our emails to your Safe Senders List, Address Book or Contact List…

Email newsletters can be blocked or filtered into the bulk folder especially now that email filters are focusing more strongly on “grey mail” or commercial mail. As a result of these changes you may be unable to read certain email communications even if you have subscribed to receive them.

To avoid these situations, add our email addresses to your Safe Senders List. Below is a list of the most commonly used email programs with easy to follow instructions on how to add email addresses to your Safe Senders List.

Please add either the From Address that the email you received came from OR add the domain to your Address Book or Contacts to continue receiving our communication emails.

AOL 8.0+

  • Step 1 Open the email
  • Step 2 Click Add Address icon
  • Step 3 Verify the sender’s contact information

AOL Webmail

  • Step 1 Click on the Addresses tab in the upper right corner of the Mailbox window
  • Step 2 Click on the New drop-down menu and select New Contact.
  • Step 3 Type the email address of the new contact in the Screen Name field and click the Save button.


  • Step 1 Open the email
  • Step 2 Click Add Sender
  • Step 3 Verify that our contact information is correct
  • Step 4 Click “Yes”


  • Step 1 Open the email
  • Step 2 Right-click the sender’s email address
  • Step 3 Select Add to Address Book in the short-cut menu
  • Step 4 Verify the sender’s contact details


  • Step 1 Open the email.
  • Step 2 Click on More Options in the upper right hand corner of the message.
  • Step 3 Click on Add Sender to Contacts List in the header of the email.
  • Step 4 A confirmation message will be displayed above the email.


  • Step 1 From the mail screen, click on the Address Book tab.
  • Step 2 Insert the email address you would like to add.
  • Step 3 Click Quick Add

Mac Mail

  • Step 1 Open the email
  • Step 2 Right-click the sender’s email address
  • Step 3 Click Add to contacts in the short-cut menu
  • Step 4 Click Save and Close

Microsoft Outlook Express 6+

  • Step 1 Open the email
  • Step 2 Left-click the sender icon, or right click the sender’s name
  • Step 3 Click Add to contact
  • Step 4 Click Save and close

Microsoft Outlook 2003

  • Step 1 Open the email
  • Step 2 Select Actions on the toolbar
  • Step 3 Select Junk Email from the drop-down menu
  • Step 4 Select Add sender to Safe Senders List
  • Step 5 Verify that our contact information is correct and click Ok

Microsoft Outlook 2007

  • Step 1 Open the email
  • Step 2 Click Options on the Tools menu
  • Step 3 On the Preferences tab, under Email, click Junk E-mail
  • Step 4 Select Safe Senders or Safe Recipients tab and click add
  • Step 5 Enter the email address of the contact and click Ok

Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Step 1 Click the Address book button
  • Step 2 Make sure the Personal Address Book is highlighted
  • Step 3 Click the New Card button
  • Step 4 Under the Contact tab, copy and paste our address and click ok

MSN Hotmail (Classic)

  • Step 1 Open the email.
  • Step 2 Click Save Address in the menu bar.
  • Step 3 Verify that our contact information is correct
  • Step 3 Click OK on the next screen.

Window Live Hotmail

Adding to the Address Book doesn’t automatically add you to the Safe Sender list; you must mark the sender as Safe.

  • Step 1 Open the email
  • Step 2 Click on the Mark as Safe link

Yahoo! Mail

  • Step 1 Open the email
  • Step 2 Select the Add to Address Book link.
  • Step 3 Enter the email address of the contact and click on Save Contact.

Top 8 Reasons to Hire a Local Printers VS a Chain

You might be surprised to learn the benefits of hiring a local printer versus a chain store.

1.  Price

Unlike with many big box retailers and their local independent counterparts, as far as print and design jobs go, hiring a local firm is likely much less expensive than hiring a big firm.  Corporate shops are often set up for small jobs, and indeed, can be cheaper if you’re only looking to make a couple copies or print 1 sign. Local firms become ideal for saving money when you start printing large jobs for a business, a meeting, an event, etc.

2.  Relationships

At a corporate shop, you’re likely to deal with a new employee every time you visit. At local printers, employees have been around a while, allowing you to form business relationships, not only with the designer and printer, but with support staff like accounting personnel.  The staff, in turn, will be more likely to work with you to make you happy, lest they have to deal with an unhappy customer the next time you order.

3.  Flexibility

Flexibility in papers, coatings, inks, and products is only part of the reason. A local shop that values your business is more likely to put in the overtime to get your work done on time.

4.  Local

Keeping your business local means more tax dollars for your city and helps to maintain a vibrant business community. A local firm mean you also save money on delivery costs and can reach out to friends and colleagues in the business community to inquire about the quality of the firm. Local businesses have more at stake when you hire them, since their smaller customer list means each customer means a lot.

5.  Customer Service

Local firms have superior customer service and will often bend over backwards to meet your needs (provided they are reasonable, of course). You’ll get to know your customer service representative and they’ll get to know you, ensuring the best possible service and product.

6.  Expertise

Large corporate stores often hire young people without much work experience in order to pay them minimum wage. Local firms pay their employees more and their employees tend to stay put longer. Additionally, small firms rely upon their limited staff to have a vast knowledge of their products and services, meaning you have an expert working on your project rather than someone with only  a basic knowledge.

7.  Options and Innovation

Local firms often have more options and are more likely to innovate for your orders. Things like die-cutting and specialty papers can be ordered without extra hassle.  There are no bureaucratic impediments to innovation, and cutting edge software and equipment are more prevalent.

8.  Community

Tying it all together, working with a local print firm helps to create a community that benefits everyone involved.

Real Estate Marketing Tips

1.  Real estate is all about word of mouth, my past clients and my current listings market for me.

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, but it’s rarely enough. Even if you have a strong referral base in your favor, if you aren’t keeping a moving stream of new customer leads, you’re at risk when the tides change in your competitive environment. You can’t afford not to spend on advertising if you’re banking on long-term viability for your business.

  • Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. Business cards, for example, are one of the most cost-effective print marketing tools. Think of them as miniature ads and maximize the ‘real estate’ on your cards. You can use the back to print to provide useful info and calls to action, such as testimonials and free offers. Or use creative magnetic business cards to stay in front of your prospects every time they hit the fridge!
  • When promoting your existing listings, make your printed real estate flyers and brochures work harder for you. Showcase not only the property, but your services as well – what you offer to sellers and/or buyers. You’ve seen how many people stop by and pick up real estate flyers out of curiosity, even if they’re not currently in the market. Those are your future customers, make an impression both in person and on paper.
  • Do stay in touch with your customer base in thoughtful and creative ways that encourage them to keep you in mind and refer you to friends. Send personal or useful gestures such as holiday greeting cards, notepads or mini-calendar magnets. Follow up with buyers after closing to welcome them to their new home.

2.  The more exposure you get, the better.

Think you need to get your face plastered on billboards, in newspapers and in other media with your ads to get listing and buyers? Think again. Effective real estate marketing is not about getting in front of more people more often, it’s about getting in front of the right people in the right way.

What is your target audience? Are you focused on a particular neighborhood, demographic or income level? Use the right medium and messaging that reflects your unique value proposition and your target market. A combination of print and internet exposure is critical for an integrated marketing strategy.real estate postcards

  • Done right, direct mail real estate postcards can be a powerful sales-booster with cost/benefits you can easily measure. Learn how to build a successful mail campaign and calculate your ROI with our Direct Mail Tips and our affordable mailing services. Use the new Every Door Direct Mail Program or EDDM to reach specific cities, zip codes, carrier routes or geographic areas cheaply.
  • Surveys have shown that more than 70% of sellers and buyers use the first realtor they contact. Give prospects a reason to contact you or visit your website now. On your business cards, postcards, door hangers or flyers, point to resources on your site that are useful anytime such as local real estate updates, free home valuation service, home maintenance checklists or a blog for issues in your target neighborhoods.

3.  You can’t compete with the “big guys” marketing budgets or more experienced agents.

This is a fallacy in every industry. In fact, you can compete well if you consider what do that the larger brokerages or long-time realtors don’t offer. Do you send new listings by email to buyers or share your clients’ environmentally-responsible practices, such as using sustainably-produced paper for your printed marketing and contract documents? Or maybe you exclusively work with buyers. Zero in on the advantages you provide or could offer that will distinguish you and get the message across in the cost-effective ways we’ve mentioned here.

More than most industries, real estate is about building trusted relationships. Find out what your target market cares about most and explain how you are a good fit for their needs. Don’t be hesitant to tout your accomplishments and ask for your customers’ business. The more honest, confident and competent you come across, the more trust you’ll earn and the better your chances for riding out the storm of any downturn.



8 FREE Apps for picking a designs color scheme

As a visual creative, color is one of the most important tools at your disposal. But how do you go about creating the perfect color scheme for your design

These apps can all help you pick the perfect palette, to make your design sing. And the best news is, they’re all completely free.

01. Color Hunter

Upload an image and generate a colour scheme with this free web app

Color Hunter is a browser-based tool that lets you find and make color palettes created from images. Just upload your image and get a palette based on the colors it contains.

Alternatively, enter a search term in the box at the top of the page; Color Hunter then searches for matching images and uses them to create a color palette.

02. ColorExplorer

Use ColorExplorer to create palettes and then export them to software like Photoshop

ColorExplorer is a free online toolbox for designing and working with colour palettes. Developed for professional designers, it’s been in development since 2006 and all features are free to use. These include colour matching; browsing popular colour libraries; conversion hints between multiple colour libraries (RAL, TOYO, and more); palette export for use in software like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign; colour palette analysis and import from images and text files; and centrally stored palettes for easy access.

03. Paletton

Paletton uses colour theory to present you with harmonious colour combinations

Formerly known as Color Scheme Designer, Paletton is a designer tool for creating color combinations that work together well. You start with a base colour, and Paletton then generates similar shades that will complement it. In this way, the web app guides you through building up a colour palette for your design based on one of five styles, which it calls Mono, Complement, Triad, Tetrad and Free style.


COPASO lets you create a colour scheme in three ways

COPASO is an advanced color palette creator from creative community COLOURlovers (they also provide a more basic alternative here). COPASO’s one-stop interface lets you create a color scheme in one of three ways: choosing colors, uploading images, or entering CMYK or HEX values. You can save and publish your color palettes, and there’s even the handy ability to add notes to them.

05. Colorzilla

With ColorZilla you can get a colour reading from any point in your browser

Colorzilla is an extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers to assist designers with color related tasks, both basic and advanced. With ColorZilla you can get a color reading from any point in your browser, adjust this color, and paste it into another program. You can also analyse the page, inspect a palette of its colors, and create advanced multi-stop CSS gradients.

06. Pictaculous

Pictaculous lets you generate a color palette from any photo or image

Pictaculous is a color palette tool from email marketing giants MailChimp that enables you to generate a color palette from any photo or image, in PNG, JPG or GIF format. It also gives you suggestions from COLOURlovers of similar color palettes, and lets you download an Adobe Swatch of your chosen palette.

07. generates a new palette every time you press the spacebar is a web app that offers a quite unusual way to find the right colour scheme. Basically, every time you press the spacebar a new palette is generated, so the idea is you keep going until you find the right inspiration. Alternatively, you can browse through the various palettes that other users have found and liked.

08. Color Hunt

Color Hunt offers a curated collection of colour palettes

Similar to above, Color Hunt offers a “curated collection of beautiful colors, updated daily”. Add its Chrome extension to your browser, and you’ll get a new colour palette every time you refresh your browser window.


Brochures are great ways to market your services or products.

It is usually the first thing which your customers will be looking for and it provides a level of professionalism when you approach your client with a nice business card and a full color brochure.

These are very economical to produce, all you need is to get your content together, have a nice design and you are ready to start marketing.

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