Poster Printing – Choosing Between Mounted and Printed Posters

At PrintPapa one of the most common queries that we come across from our customers with respect to poster printing is the type of posters they need to choose. Should they go for printed posters or mounted posters (these are printed as well!)? There isn’t a definitive answer to this question as both of them have their own pros and cons and are meant for different purposes. Here are some things you need to know before going for custom poster printing with any of these and we are sure you will be able to arrive at a decision.

poster printingThe basic difference…

Printed posters are printed on high quality photo paper and you can think of them as large-sized version of your normal photo prints. On the other hand mounted posters are printed on Glossy Adhesive Vinyl. As the name suggests they are mounted after the printing process where PVC boards are used for mounting. Since they are self-mounted you won’t need to worry about their framing. Printed posters on the other hand need to be framed in order to preserve their color and prevent wear and tear.

Poster use…

Both these type of posters are usually put to different types of use. Mounted posters are mainly used for outdoor marketing campaign. Since they are printed on vinyl weather, elements such as snow, rain or humidity doesn’t affect them much. They also don’t get damaged by dust easily. Printed posters on the other hand are used for indoor campaigns. You can’t expose them to weather elements and not even direct rays of the sun as they can lose color easily.

Cost of printing…

Mounted posters are more expensive to print but at the same time you can end up spending more on printed posters if you go for expensive framing options.

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