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CarbonLess Forms & its Uses

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Carbonless NCR Paper – Available here @ Print Papa.

Carbonless Forms: Every Use, Every day, Everywhere, they are convenient, Accurate, and Efficient

Carbonless Forms can save you time and money by providing a quick, convenient solution for a variety of your everyday business needs.

You Can:

* Capture information quickly and Conveniently

* Save time by using multiple copies

* Produce Multiple completed copies easily

* A Cost-saving, time-saving, way to record customer information

Here are a list of many way NCR Forms can be applicable for:

-Bills of lading – Invoices – Patient Record Forms – Insurance Contracts – Employment Applications – Estimates

-Pick Tickets – Receipts – Medical Claims Forms – Legal Contracts – Loan Applications – Expense Forms

-Packing Slips – Purchase Orders – Prescription Forms – real estate Contracts – Credit Applications – Enrollment Forms

-Delivery Forms – Work Orders – Daily Reports – Safety Compliance Forms – Debit memos – Parking Tickets

Plus Many More……

Carbonless Forms are also an ideal solution for….

-Auto Repair Shops

-Medical Offices-

-Educational facilities

-Real Estates agents

– Municipal Agnencies

– Law Offices

-Retail Stores

-Finacial Institutions

-Nonprofit Organizations

-Insurance Companies

-Oil change Shops



-Dry Cleaners

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PrintPapa Launches new product line called Photo Products

PrintPapa, one of the most reputed printing service providers in California has launched their latest range of photo products. With these photo products the customers can now gift personalized photo products bearing the photos of the recipients to their near and dear ones.

 The photo products available at PrintPapa are Photo Books, Photo Calendar, Photo Greetings Cards, Banners and Posters. The customers can add their unused photos and write personal messages on these photo products. These are great gift items in this festive occasion. There are various size and variety options with the photo products.


 In the hardcover Photo books the customers have two size options such as 11X8.5 and 8X8. Both these varieties of photo books usually have 20 well designed pages but they may be customized and increased up to 100 pages. In the photo calendars there are two options as well. The prices of the photo products are affordable. PrintPapa offers Photo books starting from $25 for a 20 page 8×8 with a custom hard cover wrap. The prices of the photo products are affordable. PrintPapa offers Photo books starting from $25 for a 20 page 8×8 with a custom hard cover wrap.




 The customers can choose among 8.5X11 Spiral Bound or 11X17 Top Spiral Bound varieties of calendars. The calendars have 26 card stock pages; these calendars are further coil binded and have a hole for easy hanging.



 In terms of the photo greeting cards there are many options to choose from such as Greeting card (large) of 5X7, Greeting card (small) of 4.25X5.5, large postcard of 5X7 and small postcard of 4X6. There are many size varieties available for the posters and banners too. Prices range are from $10- $20 depending upon the choice. Though extra pages and other customization might cost extra yet it would be a cost effective purchase for the customers.

To get started, download our FREE Photo Publisher software and follow the simple steps. Go Now!!

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Thanksgiving Potluck Party at Printpapa

Thanksgiving Pot luck was a great hit. There was food from the following nations:


BUT NO TURKEY WAS THERE. I guess everyone will have it tommorow. Overall it was very fun..See some pictures below.

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Most Effective Way of Marketing is Direct Mail. But Wait… There are Few Things to Know to Make it Work for You..

Though there are so many ways of promoting a company available in this tech savvy age but there are still a bulk amount of people who prefer the old ways of getting the postal mails. The postal department in USA has also made it easy for people to send and receive vital information through the mails. This is why there are still marketeers looking to promote their business through the direct mails. One of the ways to promote your business through direct mailing is with the use of custom printed postcards that will be specifically designed to meet your demands. Whatever be your choice of size, shape and color there are printers ready to meet those expectations. Postcard printing has become an integral part of the success for many companies and there are more and more companies that are using this medium of communication.


Though this is one of the most cost saving yet effective ways to market your products or services yet there are some things that you should keep in mind while going for postcard printing and promotions:

1. Big Idea: Try and think of some free offer or some other attractive information that will make the recipients respond to your mail. At times a good promise is also enough to get the recipients motivated. With the full color postcard printing you can have attractive looks but offers will draw the responses. So before anything else decide on the big offer that you are going to make to the customers. People read the postcard just to find out what’s in it for them? So get them interested.

2. Mailing List: Postcard printing is good but then you have to find a list of people to whom you may send the postcards. Companies nowadays seldom take the pains of creating a mailing list all by themselves, rather they buy a readymade mailing list from some other company. Make sure that the mailing list is niche specific and has updated addresses. Match the audience in the list with the niche you belong.

3. Polished Headline: Whether you are looking for a simple postcard printing or a full color postcard printing remember one thin there is only a short time to catch the attention of the audience. If you cannot get his/her attention then the postcard finds its way to the trash box and all your efforts go in vain. A strong headline addressing the needs of the recipients is very helpful. The headline should be written such that it is: 1. Easy to read, 2. Interesting for the readers, 3. Suggests the value that this service or product might add to the recipient.

4. Images: Whether it is conventional postcard printing or custom printed postcards the space is very limited. Thus you have to choose the images with much judiciousness. You can use one image on the non-address side of the postcard. Choose an image that supports the headline. The image should be chosen on the following grounds: 1. Eye catchy, 2. Relevancy to the headline, 3. Attractive for the readers.

5. Limiting The Scope: As the space for the postcard is very limited thus it is not wise to give too many ideas. Use one idea at a time and keep on sending the other ideas from time time. This will help make the layout as well as the content for the postcard more user oriented and give you double the value for postcard printing.

Though all said and done one thing should be kept in mind that postcards have to resemble very official but they have catch the attention of the audience, thus taking up the services of a renowned printing service provider is essential.    

Summary: Postcard printing is one of the ancient ways to market products and services and it is still paying dividends to the marketeers today. There are various things that can boost the marketing through postcards. Visit to order your next postcards for direct mail.

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Did you Know? Custom Printed Notepads is a Great Promotional Item!!

Everyone wants an edge in this era of cut throat competition. The business world is at the apex of competition nowadays. Business owners can ill afford to sit on their laurels. If they do their competitors may race ahead. This is why people started using various marketing techniques. Marketeers started printing promotional materials to display their products and services to the huge consumer base. Notepads are one such promotional material. Earlier it was associated with only the doctor’s chamber but nowadays everyone uses it for noting down some of the important information all throughout the day. Notepads printing is thus one of the most ordered for items id you ask any printer. But there are hundred others that are using notepads to market their products thus you require an edge over them. This edge is provided by the custom printed notepads.


In the recent past people are more and more opting for the custom printed notepads as this gives their promotional material an unique entity and makes them stand out in the crowd of marketeers. But why are the custom printed notepads such a great way to promote?

1. Logo: In the custom printed notepad there are options where the printer using your company logo with more freedom than in case of the general notepads. One of the reasons why you are opting for notepad printing or for that matter any promotional material printing is that you want to get the attention of the recipients towards your company and its products or services. With the custom printed notepads you have more space to make the logos better designed and more prominent. With the help of the full color notepad printing option all the colors used in the logo can easily be noticed.

2. Tag Line: Adding an attractive tag line that resembles the values and ethics of the company is another freedom that you have in case of custom printed notepads. Other contemporary notepads have said space which does not allow the marketeers enough space to include an impressive tag line. The tag line should make the readers believe that you are authentic and you can serve them better than a host lot of others. Some companies make the blunder of keeping their tag lines very simple but this is not what will earn you an edge thus think of something unique to tell.

3. Address: As there are various sizes of custom printed notepads, so you may give your company’s address. If the readers are satisfied with the things they read in the cover of the notepad or even in the inner pages then they might want to pay a visit to your company’s office. You should always include the address of your company in the cover of the notepad. In case of the full color notepad you might highlight the company address with some different color to attract attention.

4. Phone Number: In case your office is a long distance away from the readers location then they might want to call you and know the details of your service. Thus giving a phone number pays rich dividends in case of custom notepad printing. Full color notepads printing options also lets mingle the information with various graphics.

One of the basic benefits of notepads over other promotional materials is that they are not thrown into the trash box. Thus they have a longer retentivity then most other promotional materials. Now with the full color notepads there are more choices for the marketeers to convert a prospect into a client.

Summary: Custom printed notepads are retained for longer time frame then the other promotional materials. There are various information that can be entered into such notepads as they are designed according to needs. Visit to order your next run of Notepads.

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Need to Market Your Company? Then You Need These Few Things..

If you have started a company then there is definitely a product or service that you want to tell to the consumer world. To catch a large consumer base you will require good marketing. In the ever so competitive business world marketing is one of the things that makes or breaks a company. Thus promotional materials are largely used by the marketeers. More and more into notepads printing, brochures printing, flyers printing, etc. These are now the tried and tested ways to elevate the name and reputation of a company. The promotional materials are given free of cost to the recipients but that does not undermine the fact that you should always use high quality printing services and all the other things such as paper, ink, content should also be of the best quality. Remember the promotional material is the face of your company to the recipients, so making it the best should be the criteria.

Now let us take into consideration each of these promotional materials one by one:

1. Notepads: Notepads are one of the basic usage things for many corporate persons. It is needed for noting down many important facts. Thus they are carried around. If you decide on notepads printing then you should always see to it that the logo and company name are prominently visible. There can be some messages about your company in the cover of the notepad. But notepads are for usage so do not take too much space writing about your company. Nowadays there are various designs and shapes of notepads printing available with the printers. Such custom printed notepads are great to stand out among the rest of the crowd.


2. Flyers: This type of promotional materials are distributed to the niche audience and thus they are highly fruitful. Though it is a simple piece of well designed paper but the content within this paper is potent enough to draw customers. Flyers printing does not involve a hefty expenditure and it can be simply designed but the content has always got to be potent to call the recipients into action. One of the things that are adopted by the marketeers today is full color flyer printing to distinguish your flyer from a host lot of others. Full color printed flyers use bright hues and also make the logo of the company look attractive. They force the recipient to take a look at the content.


3. Brochures: Brochures in the past were thought to be meant for dispersing information about some specific subject but now there are thousands and thousands of marketeers using this medium to carve a niche for themselves. The sizes and shapes of brochures have gone through an evolution. There are many innovations made in brochures printing made everyday. The layout and the content of any brochure are important to attract attention of the recipients. You may give a lot of valuable information about your company to the readers through brochures printing. Many of the doubts and queries about your company may be clarified too!


Print promotions have become a part of every company’s marketing budget. But it is very important that you choose the right printing service provider to do the printing job for your campaign. So go on and make some money!

Summary: Promotional materials are a great way to promote any company and make the consumer aware of their entity. There are various options that one can go for while looking for promotional materials promotions. Visit to get all your marketing materials printed.

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PrintPapa is Now Offering Affiliate Program



Street: 1920 Lafayette Street, Unit L

City:Santa Clara

State: California

Country: USA

Zip: 95050

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PrintPapa is Now Offering Affiliate Program

Santa Clara, CA, 14th July, 2010: Print Papa is offering a lot of opportunities and benefits to its affiliates to earn from their association with the company.

Print Papa is one of the leading names in the printing industry and they specialize in booklet printing, short run book printing, self publishing, manual printing, etc. They personify creativity together with professionalism in terms of the promotional material they deliver. With an experience of 30 and more years in the specific industry they understand the customer’s needs and offer services likewise. Winning many awards for their good quality of services PrintPapa has a diligent and talented staff that will cater good results to the customers. 

Their recent step for brand promotion involves giving many opportunities to their affiliates. If anyone has a website or a blog site then they may join the affiliate program offered by The web masters can earn 15% commission if the order is in the range of $100. This is applicable for all the sales generated through the website. Another benefit for the affiliates includes 90 days cookie tracking on  return visitors. The affiliates can use good text links and banners and other creative outputs each month that will help the web masters boost the sales. If the affiliates have any queries they can get in touch with the specially appointed Affiliate Program Manager by Print Papa.

Print Papa also has partnership with Sharesale affiliate network that provide the affiliates with great tools to help them manage their affiliate account.

For more information visit

About Print Papa:

Print Papa is one of the leading names in the printing industry. It has its office in Santa Clara, California. They have been in the printing industry for over 30 years now. The company has a large number of satisfied customers to their credit who praise about their creativity as well as professionalism. Print Papa specializes in printing various types and designs of promotional materials.

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Why Settle for Regular Business Cards? Get Odd Shaped Business Cards!!

The business world is getting ever so competitive and there are more and more players that are emerging to give you a tough challenge. This makes the business owners strive that bit more harder to make their presence felt and draw new customers. Though there are many forms of promotional activities used by the companies nowadays such as printing newsletters, brochures, banners, posters, etc. But one of the most effective personal ways to promote your company is through business cards. These are distributed by you as a business owner or by the employees in your organization.
The business cards have the logo, name of the company, name of the employee and a short writing about the company and its services within a few lines. As the potential of the business cards is huge to draw the customers thus business card printing is used widely today.
It is well and fine to learn that business cards are great promotional tools for business promotion but at the end of the day you have to plan and execute the business cards printing well. If some of the common factors are not considered then the business card printing campaign goes in vain. Some of the factors that make a business card a league different from the others are its size, shape, orientation and color. When all these elements are blended together it gives unique color business cards.
Let us now concentrate on the ways in which you can make your business card unique by shaping it differently. There are different shapes that are available for selection with the business card printers. Lets have a closer look at each shape:   

3.5x2 Standard Business Card

  Rectangular: This one of the oldest shapes that have been exhaustively used over the years by all the business owners. Some people use this shape because they feel the business card printing is equivalent to the rectangular shape. But there usage over the years has made them cliché and there is nothing new to be experimented with this shape.   

Square Busines Card 2.5x2.5

 Square: As the shape of these business cards will be different thus anyone who gets them in hand will take a look. One of the major benefits of the square business cards printing is that it provides extra space for content to be filled in. And more content means that you have a better opportunity to convince your recipients. You can make your square business card even more appealing by adding 12 point Glossy Cardstock having Hi-Gloss UV Coating or you may use 110 lb Bright White Matte Finish Cover that will provide a classy look to your color business cards.         

Fold Over Business Cards 3.5x4 -> 3.5x2

 Fold Over: Fold over business card printing is also a great idea. These are new things in the printing industry. They are like mini brochures and are usually larger than the standard business cards. They have a fold in the middle that makes them look different from the other business cards around. The fold over type of business cards has 4 sides and thus there is more scope to provide valuable information about the company. After the business cards printing is finished the cards are delivered flat with a score in the middle.     

Fancy Business Card 5x2->3.5x2

 Fancy : These are business cards that are of the size 5”X2”. These are more like a small but fancy brochures. You can not only put extra content in this business card printing but also put some pictures that will attract the recipients.   

 These are the business card printing varieties in terms of the shapes available. They are creating ripples in business world and can get you more customers just through their look. So try them out!   

Summary: There are various unique shapes of business card printing options available. Some of them include square, rectangular, fold over, fancy, etc. These will attract the attention of recipients for sure.

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