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The Importance of Custom Letterhead In Business

For any business small or big one of the most important things is to establish itself among its clients and potential ones. One of the best ways of promoting a business is through the use of custom letterheads. If you have created an impressive newsletter you can create a good first impression in the minds of your prospective clients. Here are a few things that you can achieve with a custom letterhead:

  • Letterheads are a sign of authenticity in your business as they will have your contact details and address printed. An attractive letterhead will not just authenticate you but also create a buzz around you.
  • It is a great marketing tool that you have in your hand. It will let you promote your business to your clients and prospective ones. This form of marketing usually involves very little cost and is very well targeted.
  • In many businesses you may never see the face of your clients but have regular correspondence with them. An attractive letterhead will do the trick for you by singing your praises.
  • A good letterhead which includes the name and the company logo is one of the best ways to brand your business. It is easy to build a business and make profits; the challenge however lies in building a brand.
  • Well designed custom letterhead will put you ahead of most of your competitors. You will definitely have more bargaining power than your competitors.
  • You can advertise your products and services in some portion of your letterhead. This should not be too big or else your letterhead might look like a flyer.
  • Letterheads created out of readily available templates on the web make your company look ordinary and not exclusive. Make sure you have a custom letterhead for your business.

A well printed four color letterhead is not just a luxury in today’s business world but an absolute necessity. To get the best quality letterhead you need to hire the services of a professional printer. PrintPapa would be a great choice for the experience that they have in handling such creative jobs. They have the latest printing equipments with them.

Apart from letterheads they also print brochures, labels, rack cards, notepads, greeting cards, calendars etc. They have earned a good reputation from their clients having delivered high quality work on time. Their biggest testimony is the satisfied clientele that they have developed over the years.

Tips To Make Your Letterhead Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Letterhead is one of the most important corporate documents. It is your first impression to many of your potential clients. There is nothing better in business than to impress your client at the first go. Organization spends millions of dollars in promoting themselves where as a letterhead can do it in a few cents. It should thus be designed to leave an excellent impression on the minds of the recipients. Here are some tips through which you can turn your letterhead into your USP:

  • Brand It – The brand name of your organization should be printed on top of the letterhead and should immediately grab attention. It should always be printed in legible font. Try using gloss over your company name as it will highlight the letterhead.
  • Use Logo – A logo is the identity of your brand and thus it is important for you to use the logo in your letterhead. This will brand you well in the market at the same time separate your letterhead from the ordinary ones used by many organizations.
  • Put A Watermark – A water mark is the sign of class in a letterhead and this will put you in the elite league and form a USP for your organization. You can use the the name or logo of your company in the center of the letterhead for the watermark.

  • Print Full Color – There is nothing better than a full color printing when it comes to a letterhead. Color adds more emotion and impact to your designs. It lets you be more creative than a single color letterhead would give.
  • Catchy Slogan – You can use a catchy slogan or a quote on your letterhead. This can be the focal point in your letterhead. It can be the slogan for your own company or a quote by a famous personality. Print it at the bottom of the letterhead.
  • Contacts – It is important that your letterhead carries your contact details in full. This is a sign of authenticity for any company. If your company operates out of multiple locations try including the address of your branch offices at the bottom of the letterhead with the address of your head office being at the top.

You will need to print your letterhead with a high quality printed for it to look well. PrintPapa is one such printing agency which will meet your needs. They are well equipped with the latest printing technology and have expertise in printing banners, business cards, calendars, envelopes, catalogs, booklets, books etc. It has regularly satisfied customers with its high quality printed material on time.

How to Buy Your Own ISBN Number And Becoming A Publishing House?

In the publishing industry only one thing that separates between a publisher and a non-publisher is the ISBN number. The International Standard Book Number or ISBN number as it is simply known is the key value that identifies the publisher of a book in all of the online databases and inventory systems used worldwide. ISBN number is very important as without it you won’t be able to sell your book through online platforms such as Amazon.

This unique 10-digit number identifies books and book-like products published internationally right up to an individual publishing house. An ISBN number has four parts: the country identifier, the publisher identifier, the title identifier and the check digit.

If you take your book to a publishing house they get an ISBN number on your behalf but in case you are into self publishing you will need to get this done by yourself. This service is free of cost in some countries while charged in others. There are more than160 ISBN Agencies worldwide and each of these agencies is exclusively appointed for a geographical area and a country in most cases. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while applying for an ISBN number:

  • Fill up an application form with your designated ISBN agency and pay the processing fees in case it is applicable in your case.

  • Give complete details of publishing firm name, complete address and contact numbers and details of a particular original publication. This is a must for ISBN numbers as incomplete forms are usually rejected.
  • If you want to turn a full time publisher it is better that you apply for multiple ISBN numbers to assign to your future books. Most publishers do the same and get ISBN numbers in bulk. This process is also cost effective.
  • The process takes about 15 business days in most countries. In case you want it earlier you can opt for services like Express ISBN Number. This will however come at a price but will guarantee you an ISBN number in two business days.

Once you get your ISBN number you need to get your book printed through a professional printer and print the ISBN number at the back of your book. This is where a printing agency like PrintPapa can come in handy as they have delivered quality printed materials on time to their clients over the years. They use the latest technology in printing and have expertise in printing brochures, catalogs, letterhead, business cards, posters, banners and all other types of printed materials.

How To Use Amazon To Sell Your Book?

Amazon.com is one of the best platforms to sell a book. You get access to the biggest possible audience cutting across geographical boundaries. No other platform will let you reach out to such a wide spectrum of audience at one go. There are also very few entry barriers which makes it easier for first time authors to sell their books on Amazon. This is a perfect platform for writers who write niche books which may not have great demand within a defined geography. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while selling your books in Amazon:

  • First and foremost you need to get an ISBN number for your book. This is a must to sell books on Amazon and is pretty easy to get. You need to print the ISBN number on the back and inside of your book.
  • Register an account in Amazon and you will have to pay a small fee to put up your book for sale on the website. You can make this payment using your credit card. You will get a confirmation mail as soon as your payment is processed.
  • Submit an application for designating the title and description of your book. Try to be catchy with the description as it plays an important role in arousing interest in the minds of the readers. Also upload reviews and the image of the book cover for the showcase.

  • Amazon determines, at its sole discretion, the price at which it sells your Titles to customers, which may differ from the suggested retail price you choose when registering the Title.
  • Send minimum two copies of your book to Amazon for it’s inventory. You will be notified for more when the stocks fall below the minimum inventory mark. In case your book fails to attract buyers Amazon will remove it from the showcase and return the books at your own cost.

  • Try promoting your Amazon link in social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook and Twitter. You can also promote your book in your blogs.

Before you plan to list your books for sale on Amazon it is important that you get it printed in high quality. Make sure that your book is printed on high quality paper and with quality ink. Hire the services of a printing agency like PrintPapa which uses the latest technology in printing. They have expertise in printing catalogs, brochures, letterhead, business cards, postcards, posters etc. PrintPapa has regularly satisfied all it clients by delivering high quality work and maintaining strict deadlines.

A Good Letterhead can say a great deal about you and your business?

A company letterhead is the visual representation of your organization in front of clients. Letterheads, business cards and envelopes are the most widely used corporate document which can play a vital role in promoting your business in front of your clients. You won’t meet many of your clients in the first place and your letterhead might serve as your only impression and thus it is important to catch a client’s eye at the very first go. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while choosing a perfect letterhead for your business:

  • Uniqueness Is Key: Your letterhead needs to be unique to create an image for yourself in front of your clients. It should represent your organization’s values and structure in front of people who see it. Your company name and the logo should be prominent on the letterhead as they are the most important elements in it. Use simple legible fonts for your letterhead and avoid using fancy fonts as they give a very unprofessional look to your official letterhead.
  • Add On: This is one of the best things when it comes to choosing a letterhead. A letterhead has to stand apart from the rest and add ons are a great way. Put a catchy slogan or a small quotation which defines the ideals of your organization in the letterhead. This will also make your clients remember your company easily. A watermark in the center of the page also makes the letterhead look professional.

  • Color: It is advisable to choose a letterhead where the top banner is in color as color tends to attract human eyes. A colorful text also provides more depth to a letterhead than one printed in single color.
  • Paper Quality: A letterhead should always be printed on high quality paper, like paper with 25% cotton. This will create an impression in front of your clients. Select a paper that you think would best represent your organization’s image. Avoid choosing regular paper even if they come cheap as letterheads are the most important corporate document.

A well designed letterhead has to be complemented with high quality printing and thus it is important for you to hire the services of a high quality printer. PrintPapa has been in the print and design industry for a considerable period of time. They have expertise in printing books, catalogs, brochures, rack cards etc. apart from letterheads. They use the latest printing technology to deliver high quality results to their clients. To order letterheads click here.

How To Make Your Letterhead Sparkle?

A letterhead is the most important corporate document. It is the first impression that many clients  get about your organization. Letterheads along with business cards, envelopes and notepads should be carefully designed and printed to create a brand image for the organization. Your aim should be to make your letterhead sparkle in front of your clients. Here are a few tips to make a letterhead sparkle:

  • Header Is Key: The header is the most important component of a letterhead and it should stand out. The name of your organization should be mentioned clearly and in legible font. Try using the same font that you use in the hoardings and sign boards. It is wise to theme the header on brand name and color of your company.
  • Highlight The Logo: Your company’s logo should be highlighted in the letterhead. Try making it a little brighter than the rest of the header which will make it stand out. The logo can be placed in the right or the left side of the header. You can also make the logo large so that it overlaps the header.
  • Use Watermark: Using a watermark adds class to your letterhead. You can add the watermark of your logo to the body of your letterhead. This will add some X factor to your letterhead and put it in a league of it’s own.
  • Side Bar: Although not commonly used adding a side bar is a great way to make your letterhead unique. You can print the web address of your company sideways or even a catchy slogan that defines your business.
  • Print It Glossy: You can literally add shine to your letterhead by printing it on high quality paper and with glossy metallic inks. These inks have a property of leaving behind some shine once they have completely dried up. High quality paper is also important when it comes to printing letterhead as this creates a good impression in front of your clients.
  • Use A Footer: A footer can carry the contact details of your organization. It can also have a small note on the achievement of your organization. This will make it look unique and also promote your business.

Your well designed letterhead needs to be complemented with quality printing and thus you need to hire the services of a quality printer like PrintPapa. They are equipped with all the latest in terms of the printing technology.  They have built expertise in printing and designing services and undertake all kinds of printing jobs including catalogs, banners, posters, books, rack cards and all other types of domestic and corporate printed items.

Tips To Design Your Own Notepad

Notepads are one of the most commonly used items both at home and office. Although notepads can be purchased from the open market it is ideal to design a custom notepad which will promote your organization.  However don’t confuse a notepad with a company letterhead as both of them are different and serve different purposes. Here are few simple tips that can help you in designing your custom notepad:

  • Know The Size: Talk to your printer and find out the printing size before you start designing. The most common  sizes are the 4.25×5.5 (qtr page), 8.5×5.5 (half page) and 8.5×11 notepads (full page). Changing the dimensions at the last moment can spoil the layout so have perfect dimensions to start with.
  • Use A Tool: The best way to design a notepad is to use a DTP tool like MS Publisher, Pagemaker,  Corel Draw or Photoshop. All of these will give you the opportunity to play with text and graphics while designing your notepad. But do not clutter the notepad with too many things as the main purpose of a notepad is to write so blank spaces are necessary.
  • Use Your Logo: Your notepad should establish your brand and thus it is important that you use your logo in it. Place your logo on the top portion of the notepad on either side. The logo should be made prominent in the notepad. This can be done by making the logo brighter or using a shadow behind it. This will make it stand out and draw attention.
  • Text Is Key: Make judicious use of text in your notepad. Too much of text will spoil the show and too little of it won’t make it look like a notepad. Make sure that you type the company name, address, phone number, fax number, website and email contact information in an appropriate, legible font. Avoid using fancy fonts as they tend to look unprofessional.
  • Multiple Copy Layout: Printing on large sheets of paper reduces the printing cost in most cases. Make one notepad and then copy and place it on the adjacent side. The number of copies in one single print page will depend on the size of the paper and dimension of your notepad. This should be done in consultation with your printer.
  • Margins Are Important:  Always leave a few millimeters of space on each side of the notepad while sending it for the purpose of printing. This will be used by the printer while cutting adjacent copies and resizing of your notepad to the exact size.

You should complement your design with high quality printing and can hire the service of a printers like PrintPapa. They have over the years built expertise in printing of all kinds of corporate and domestic materials such as business cards, notebooks, posters, postcards, banners and many more.

The Advantages of Short Run Printing

Short run printing is the biggest buzz in the printing industry. But one thing should be clarified in this respect that short run digital printing is never going to replace offset printing. Though the short run is a more updated option but offset printing is always the favorite for people looking to place bulk printing orders to their printing agencies. Short run printing is a great option to compliment with offset printing since it can cover all the options that you might not find in offset printing. With the need of businesses to print more and more varieties of promotional materials such as business cards, bookmarks, banners, flyers, etc. Now let us take a detailed look at various advantages of short run printing:

  • Cost Effective: This is a direct printing method so there is no need to go through the tedious processes such as creating plates, film stripping, color separation, etc. The files will just pass through the computer and transfers the data into the printing machine directly. Thus you never have to pay the cost of the materials associated with offset printing.
  • Number of Copies can be Low: In terms of bulk orders short run printing allows you to place order for the exact number of copies you require. Before short run printing came into vogue people had no option but to order for larger orders as they had to bear the cost of producing and dyes too. In the short run printing process the printer can enter the exact number of copies required and thus there is no excess and extra charges that have to be paid.

  • Time Saving: As short run printing does not involve lengthy process and you just have to insert the data in the computer and get prints from the machine it will save a lot of time. Another fact is that in Short Run Printing the colors are sprayed directly on top of the paper and then the paper is coated with aqueous finish. In this process the ink dries instantly. In case of offset printing to get the desired color effect the papers are run through 4 rollers for 5 or 6 times. This process requires more time for the colors to dry.
  • Helps in Direct Mail: Short run printing is a great boon for direct mailing campaigns as this process allows you to be more specific about the target audience as you can specify the number of prints to be produced for a given marketing area.

It may be for these reasons that short run printing is widely used by marketeers. All types promotional materials envelopes, calenders, doorhangers, greeting cards, letterhead, newsletter, postcards, rack cards, etc. are nowadays printed using this process. Print Papa is a printing service provider that can give good short run printing services.

How To Create Unique Letterhead Designs For Clients?

“First impression is the last impression” they say and your letterhead is the first impression for your clients. Traditionally letterheads have been monotonous with a combination of logo, contact and tagline. There is however nothing that can stop you from being creative with your letterhead designing to create a long lasting impression on the minds of your clients.


  • Be consistent: A letterhead is a part of a larger package that will include newsletters, business cards, brochure, envelopes and other promotional materials. The designing for all these needs to be consistent. If a client sees your letterhead he should recall your business card.
  • Positioning is key: Positioning of your tagline, logo and contact details plays a vital role in making your letterhead look impressive. Make sure the letterhead looks balanced and avoid making it look top or bottom happy. The contact information can be moved to the bottom of the letterhead which allows you to be a little more creative at the top.
  • Play vertically: A vertical column with your tagline, logo or the URL of your website can make your letterhead unique and stand up among the crowd. This also ensures that the top and bottom of your letterhead looks more balanced.


  • Fold It: No rule says that the letterhead needs to be a single page monotonous document. You can print  certain things on the back page and fold it over. Some interesting information about organization can be behind the leaf. Such kind of  letterheads can engage the clients.
  • Add a watermark: Although a relatively old concept a watermark behind your letterhead adds prestige to it. Normally the logo of a company is used in the watermark but a tagline or the image of the founder can also be used the watermark of your letterhead.
  • Use a foil-stamp: Although it might be a bit expensive a foil-stamped logo on your letterhead is an excellent way to stamp your authority over others. Since the foil outshines everything else on the paper, it immediately   creates an impression of your organization.
  • Use a die-cut: If you want to walk that extra mile with your letterhead and are bold enough than a die-cut might just be the right thing for you. It allows you to create unique letterhead which supports your brand identity.


  • Print high quality: Never compromise on quality printing. Your letterhead must be printed on high-quality paper. Inferior paper and printing quality will create a bad impression in the minds of the clients. All kinds of  corporate printing be it letterhead, business cards or newsletters much be printed high quality.

PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions and has the expertise in the field of high quality printing of letterheads and other corporate documents.

Choosing Letterhead Fonts To Reflect Your Company’s Style

A letterhead is the first impression of the organization to any stranger. Thus designing a letterhead for any organization may not be as simple as it sounds. Many things right from the organization’s ideals, values, culture and it’s sphere of business has to be kept in mind while designing letterhead. Since fonts are one of the major building blocks for any letterhead, it is of utmost importance to choose the fonts of the letterhead carefully. Some of the following things should be kept in mind while choosing fonts for a letterhead for any organization:


  • Think about the brand: A company’s brand should always be kept in mind while designing a letterhead. If your company has rich tradition and you want to be a elementary with your letterhead design using simple fonts like Times New Roman, Century Gothic, Futura or even Arial is a good choice. If the organization allows you to be creative with the the letterhead, then fonts like Comic Sans or Impact also could be used for design.
  • Make a statement: If you are not an established organization and want to make a bold statement then experimenting with the letterhead font is a great idea. Take a bold step and use a very uncommon and eye catchy font for your letterhead. This will immediately grab attention and establish your brand in minds of the people.


  • Complement the Logo: Logo is like a holy symbol to any organization and most of the times an organization doesn’t change it’s logo in a lifetime. The font of the letterhead should complement the logo of the organization. Both the font and the logo of the organization should blend with each other in the letterhead.


  • Design your own font: You might be in a situation that you can’t find the perfect font to complement your business than it’s time you design your own font. A font that is completely unique can go a long way in branding your organization and this not only applicable for letterhead but also other promotional materials such as banners and posters. Although creating your own font isn’t an easy exercise that level of recognition that it can bring in makes it a worth doing job.

A letterhead is more important than just being an official sheet of stationery for any organization. Fonts and logos in the letterhead may vary but one thing that is constant is the demand for high quality prints. PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of it’s clients satisfying them with it’s work.