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Marketing your Book to Make Money

Most of the authors who write book have a commercial interest in it. You would always want your book to sell more which brings you money and fame at the same time. If you are not a well known name it isn’t very easy for you to market your book as the market is flooded with authors writing on all possible genres. However acting a little smartly may go a long way in book marketing.

Knowing your target audience is very important for a book promotion. Once you know who your target audience is running a few promotional campaigns among that group is a good option. Such a campaign will hit where it matters the most. Even if such a promotional campaign doesn’t add to sale of the books, it will surely make you more famous as an author among a niche crowd.

Internet is one of the most powerful ways to promote your book and make money. There are thousands of sites which give you a platform to market your book online. The best part about online book marketing is the vast audience it addresses to. Also the fact that online marketing is not bound by geographical boundaries makes it possible for you to market your book to the global audience. The biggest of all pluses that Internet provides is the fact that its promotion comes cost free.

If you are a first time author you might not have the money to spend on a promotional campaign so spreading the news with the word of mouth is the best option. Marketing your book this way might be a time consuming process but it is the most comprehensive as it is usually your readers who promote your book. The authenticity in this kind of marketing is higher than any other.

Timing it to perfection is a very important while marketing your book. Many a times people miss vital opportunities to market a book. Carnivals, festivals and other social gatherings can be good time to promote your books to a larger audience. Marketing your book is all in your own hands so it is only you who can market your book to make money.

PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years designing and printing books, posters, booklets and brochures.  We undertake all kinds of custom and corporate printing jobs.

Tips for Designing Envelopes.

Envelope printing for the purpose of marketing, is very common these days. It requires special effort and imagination to create a custom envelope. For most of the media, the messages are upfront allowing scope to read the messages. But there is no such scope with envelopes where the bulk of promotional content remains hidden. Therefore, it highly matters how an envelope is designed and in that case you must make your envelope shine. It should be so created that the reader feels the urge to unravel the hidden content. This has to be kept in mind while designing an envelope. Here are some important guiding principles for you to follow in order to make your envelope design effective and eye catching.


  • Prove a Brief Message: For this you need to be very selective about the message you want to put inside your envelope. Since the message quantity in an envelope is very concise, hence the quality of the message matters a lot. If the envelope is for marketing purpose then the message can be something like “free gift vouchers inside” or “your loan application is now available” written using some highlighted texts. Such texts give an idea to the readers as to what kind of text could be inside.
  • Color Envelopes: In order to spread your messages to a wide section of people, different color envelopes are a great idea. Avoid using the conventional white envelopes as they are very monotonous to see. Colored envelopes are frequently available in market and are also very trendy.
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  • Invest in Quality: Do spend more on quality by using standard papers and getting your envelopes printed in high quality printing papers.
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  • Add Images: You can also add different eye catching images complementing the messages that is already present in the envelope. Add only such images that directly relates to the content inside.

At Printpapa we offer a huge selection of envelope printing, varying from sizes to printing options in 1, 2 or in full color. Visit our Envelope Printing Site for more details.

Advantages of using Postcards for Advertising

Marketing is one of the age old techniques to entice the people to buy a product. But nowadays there are so many tools at disposal of the marketeers that it often becomes difficult to choose the best. With the evolution of the Internet there are more and more online marketing tools available. But ask the enterprise owners and they will tell you that mailing is one of the essential components of any marketing campaign. People still like to receive advertising postcards then a direct mail from a company. Postcards have been popular marketing tool ever since the fall of the last century only the content and designing of the cards have changed.


The postcards can either be sent in the form of greeting cards or in order to inform or keep in touch with the clients. But all the content in these cards are advertising based and are accompanied with other marketing tools such as letters, flyers, catalogs and brochures. The heavy marketing content in the postcards differentiates them from other types of normal greeting cards and thus they are called advertising postcards.


These postcards are either sent to the existing client base or they are sent randomly to everyone. But it is always desirable to sent the postcards to the clients that belong to your niche business. The content of such postcards is primarily based on promoting or introducing a new product or service or to update the customers about some new event in the company. Most importantly there is enough of information about the company and its various other products or services present in the postcard. Like direct mails there are no issues of privacy or security. You can expect that the person receiving the mail will cast a glance through your promotional material.


Results for the postcard promotional campaign will only bear fruit if you get the postcards designed from a professional printing agency and one such agency of repute is PrintPapa. The advertising postcard should be catchy and handy as is the case with brochures. Only thing here is that all the information has to be given in compressed form. The card quality has to be good to catch the eyes of the customers and the design has to be unique from the rest of the crowd.

So if you have not used the advertising postcards then it is high time you go to a printing service provider and order for some!

Bookmark Printing: An Effective Marketing Tool

Bookmarks are the quite essential things that no bookworm can do without. They are used as papers that remember the page you last read these are used by most professionals. Most of the big guns of the corporate houses like to read either some stuff related to their niche or other books of interest so if you can get an effectively designed bookmark into their hands then you will certainly get noticed. Bookmarks are pieces of paper or cards that are most often used in rectangular shape. Bookmarks can be of different colors and designs. They should carry the essential marketing messages in a nutshell.


Bookmarks are used by people of all age groups, from college and school students to the elderly people, from casual readers to library goers. And all these people would just love to have a good looking bookmark when they end their day’s reading. This is the reason why more and more businesses want to provide their prospective clients with a neat piece of bookmark. But all said and done, bookmarks can also be used to get business.

One way to attract prospective clients is to use high quality designs while printing a bookmark. The designs should give a soothing feel to the recipients. If the designs of the bookmarks go well with the recipients then your brand image and business identity of your organization will not be forgotten. As in designing for any promotional item, while designing a bookmark too factors such as design, color, size and concept should be kept in mind.


But if getting a lot of business is what you want then the services of a printer should be taken. You can go for full color bookmarks when the printing service provider is an efficient one. There are many technologies that can be used to create a good promotional bookmark. Full color CMYK printing process is one of the technolo0gies that is used to get stunning color resolutions.


As the bookmarks come into contact with the users regularly, customized bookmarks can be great to give your business a boost!

Envelope Tips That Force Recipients to Open and Read Contents

Direct mailing or mail marketing is one of the best and low cost ways to promote a business. People put a lot of thought on the content and design and forget in a hurry that the recipient has to open the letter to read through the messages sent by you. Most of the mails are opened near a trash box and once anything unwanted is spotted the letter gets its place in the basket. So you would have half a second to convince the recipient that the mail is something he/she needs to have a look at. This is the reason why right from the envelopes to the stamps and other minute details should be given utmost attention.


There are many things that make a busy recipient read through your marketing letter. Following is a set of tricks that will ensure that the marketing letter sent by you is opened and read through.

  • Planning – To execute a successful direct mailing campaign you should always have an idea of what the campaign can do and cannot do. Also be sure about the messages that you want to give to your prospective clients. With a good marketing content you are sure to get food follow-ups.
  • Recipients – Make sure that the letters are sent to the right audience. To have the desired effect on your campaign a target list should be prepared well in advance. This should be done with a lot of research and analysis.
  • Simplicity – After the list is finalized start the content development and designing plans. Make sure that the designs are not flashy and the content is not rich in jargon.


  • Hand Addressed and Stamped Mails – Using the number 10 envelope that is readily available with the printers is a good option. The mails should contain a metered postage and a typed address which will impress the recipient. Many color schemes on the envelope may also be used to attract attention. This may be suggested to you by the printers or you might choose it yourself. Remember to have a return address on the mail.
  • Tracking the mails – Differentiate the mailing list with a number of colors and try to find out the positives and negatives in the campaign which will help you at a later date.


  • Create Enticements – Make the recipient eager by giving some lucrative information on the envelope itself. Inside the letter you should always have the most important information in the first paragraph. A P.S. Summarizing the offer should also be included in the mail.
  • Personalize – Address each and every recipient by the recipient’s name. This makes the recipient feel unique and gives your marketing campaign an edge over others.
  • Scannable Text – The content for the letter should use bullets so that all the information can be easily noticed. Content should be easily understandable and all the offerings should be mentioned using bold or larger typefaces.
  • Easy to respond – Not only should you include an address but also you may give a reply card or a postage paid envelope.
  • Frequency – Send regular follow up mails to the target list. Mails should be sent atleast six weeks apart.

While planning for your marketing moves do consult the printing agency for the availability of the envelopes and the time of delivery. There are so many printing service providers but PrintPapa has many types of printing services that will meet your requirement.

Promoting a Business with Desktop Calenders

What is that one thing that people cannot do without on any given day of their lives? It is a calender. Everyone needs a calender and this is one of the reasons why a well designed desktop calender can go a long way in making people conscious about your business and services. Calenders, unlike many other marketing tools, cannot be read and forgotten as they are constantly in front of your eyes. Every time your clients see the calender they will also see the company logo and other messages that accompany it. Viral marketing is also one of the important aspects of desktop calenders. If your calender contains colorful pictures and good displays, then they can be seen by other people too, and the message of your brand will reach many others.  So, now you know the worth of this marketing tool and want to use this by creating a well designed desktop calender. The following suggestions will be of help to you in your quest:


  • Visual Statement – Create a strong visual statement through your desktop calenders. Using an unusual photograph on it is a good idea. You may also use a beautiful photograph that will symbolize your business goals in one way or the other. While designing the calender be sure to be different as that will make your business stand out from the rest in the crowd and people will definitely take notice!


  • Be Different – The desktop calenders can be given away to anybody you know, your clients, visitors, etc. A calender does not have to be expensive to grab attention. It has to be unique in its appeal. Using cartoons, beautiful landscapes, etc. will do the trick. While choosing the theme, it’s of utmost importance to keep in mind the taste of your clients.
  • Promotional Activities – There are many companies that offer attractive promotional competitions where photographs of the winners are featured in the calenders. These types of promotions are highly successful as most people crave for instant fame, thus, creating a buzz around the product.


Once you have selected the theme and all the plans are ready, it is up to you to choose the right printing agency that will be able to execute your work properly.

At PrintPapa we offer 2 sizes for calendars:

  1. Large Calendar: 8.5×11 – folded size – hang size is 11×17: No. of pages 28 for a 12 month calendar.
  2. Small Calendar: 8.5×5.5 – folded size – hang size is 8.5×11: No. of pages 28 for a 12 month calendar.

Booklet Printing is the Right Thing to Do!

Booklet printing is a soft marketing method the use of which has increased phenomenally as companies and marketing professionals have set out to experiment with both marketing campaign strategies as well as with marketing channels. However, booklets have evolved as core marketing collateral only recently, as companies have realized that they have much more consumer retention potential than a stand alone banner advertisement or poster ad.


Booklets, however, have always been one of the most popular forms of print material available in the industry. But their use as a marketing tool has actually become the primary purpose they serve now. In spite of being smaller than most print advertisements or marketing campaign documents, the power of booklets lies in improving consumer interest and retaining consumer loyalty for the product, service or for the firm itself.


Booklets come in different shapes and sizes, along with a difference in print and cover finishes. Choosing the exact and most relevant size for your booklet to be used in a marketing campaign is crucial to the actual effect it has within the campaign as well as the range of impact it has on the target consumer base. This is why, like all other marketing campaign strategies, booklet printing and marketing also needs thorough homework (read research) before implementation. From shopping around for different professional printing agencies to consulting the experienced professionals (preferably insiders) for the contemporary design and content ideas, only a thorough market research and detailed profiling of the target consumer base is necessary for any booklet printing and marketing idea to succeed.


However, the most important this to keep in mind regarding a booklet printing strategy is the choice of the printing agency. The only thing that readers will be concerned with while your booklet is presented to them is the quality of the print and the content. Now, allowing an amateur venture to take care of your booklet printing needs, in order to balance your cost concerns will leave your booklet printing and marketing crusade seriously compromised.


Why? Well, the most significant reason to choose a professional printing agency is to provide a professional touch to the look and feel of the booklet. You must keep in mind that a booklet, no matter how small or how thin it maybe, when once used in a marketing campaign, turns into literally the face of your company to the niche consumer base you promote it to. Therefore, there is no margin for even the minutest of errors as well as the reflection of an amateurish feel. From the colors being vibrant to the alignment of the textual content, from the actual difference between highlighted text and the normal text to the finish of the paper the booklets are printed on, each and every aspect of your booklet printing can affect the result that you desire from your marketing campaign.


So, as much as the design or development of the booklets, the printing also has a huge role in helping your booklet marketing campaign to take shape. With all of the nuances in place, booklet printing and assisting your marketing campaign with the same is the right thing to pursue today!

PrintPapa offers the following as part of the Booklet Printing

Which Brochure Ideas Can You Use Best

So you have been looking up hundreds of sites and a number of professional printing agencies in search of the ideal brochure design, and still haven’t reached there? Do not lose heart as this is the case with the majority of marketers from every other firm, irrespective of the size or marketing budget!


Most direct marketing professionals cannot make up their mind on which kind of brochure marketing idea would best complement their marketing campaign. Some would rather focus on graphic design, which forcibly attracts eyeballs at a trade fair or seminar while some would necessarily opt for better textual matter. The latter may apply to content firms and article sites, as well as to small-scale start-up companies, which would want a larger percentage of information within the brochure than flashy images.

Whatever be the requirement, there are some brochure ideas that almost always click, and a heady mix of both would actually guarantee your lead generation campaign the very boost you had desired to achieve. Take a quick look and decide for yourself:


  • Flashy Attention-Gimmick – This is one of the most oft-used brochure ideas in the industry today, especially, because it helps one stand out and get noticed in the face of cut-throat competition. But using this brochure design may require a pre-established brand image as well as a broad target consumer group to actually succeed as a promotional tool.


  • The Classic Design – Going by the book and avoiding the unconventional look is what most corporate firms are applying in their brochure ideas, especially, with the recession in the backdrop. The classic look has always been in-the-trend, but can severely sabotage your marketing campaign if not executed with astute professionalism and marketing expertise.
  • Logo Specific – Many use the logo as a symbolic image, using it all over the brochure or as the primary brand building medium intended to improve consumer retention. While this is helpful, the most important factor to keep in mind while employing such a brochure idea is the fact that one should only rely on professional printing agencies. Blurred or botched images or irregular alignments can cost you much more than what you had bargained for, along with losing track of the marketing goal you had set out to achieve.


  • Image Based – Some marketers use only images and no textual matter apart from a punchline or two in their brochures. This requires a very careful selection of images, which are not only relevant to the firm, services or the topic of the brochure but also of good taste.
  • The All-in-One – You, as an innovative and experimental marketer may throw all of the brochure conventions out of the window and start off with a mix of all elements of the designs discussed above. But this needs a lot of expertise and industry experience along with a receptive target base to actually lend success to the same.


With so many brochure ideas teeming with the potential of marketing success, allowing lead generation and sales statistics make a soaring climb to the top with a candidly developed brochure may not seem such a daunting task after all!

Why CD Printing Helps Improve Your Professional Image

Why do you think firms and companies use printed CD/DVD jackets while shelling them out for sale? Protection from damage did you say? Wrong! The exclusively single reason that CD jacket printing is in existence (and popularly so) is because of the fact that they can be a great way to market your product (CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs) literally to the potential consumer base.


With the mercury-like rise in the popularity of CDs or DVDs as a medium for storing information and data, they have also become the ideal weaponry for new-age marketers to convey their marketing message or USP of their firm to the consumer base. How? Simple, by printing an elaborate and attractive CD jacket, which not only has useful information about the contents of the CD or DVD, but also has an embedded marketing message and company marketing punchline on it.


So what are the advantages of using CD Printing services as your new marketing strategy:

  • An affordable yet powerful marketing collateral.
  • Direct contact with the target consumer group results in a better potential for sales.
  • Improved lead generation statistics due to heightened interest in the CD as well as the company/firm itself.
  • Helps build a real brand image and a stable brand value without investing a huge amount of effort or money into the same.
  • Also provides a much higher level of consumer retention within the niche consumer base.
  • A CD or DVD jacket also allows you to put forward your skills of creativity and innovative edge with the help of basic graphic design or artwork, setting a benchmark for identifying the level of quality within the content of the CD/DVD or of the firm itself.

However, employing an amateur company or following a DIY (do-it-yourself) manual to complete your CD or DVD printing assignment may look attractive from the perspective of keeping a control on your budget, but is not a wise path to follow if you wish to save in the long run.


Professional CD duplication/printing ventures are much more deft at putting forth your brand image to the target consumers, with professionally crafted designs for the CD/DVD jackets as well as a much better representation of the company too. The placement of the logo, the textual content, punchlines, etc. are much better delivered with a professional agency than with an amateur venture.


With a professional printing agency, the colors are also several notches more vibrant and appealing than with an amateur counterpart of the same. Because of the small size of the CD or the DVD, having clear and crisply printed textual matter along with the graphics is crucial to send out a powerful marketing message. Only a professional printing agency can hope to achieve the same.


Therefore, if you have been thinking about using the CD or DVD jacket printing as your new marketing strategy, especially, to net the tech-savvy niche consumer base, make sure that the printing agency you opt for is professional to the core. Otherwise, the purpose you had set out to achieve would be lost, along with the financial investments you make into the campaign!

How Notepads Can Be Used As a Promotional Tool

Notepads are perhaps the most innocuous and the most powerful business marketing stationery in the corporate world. Sleek yet subtle, these imbibe and reflect the very essence of marketing collateral – to promote without being overtly aggressive.


Notepads, if developed, designed and printed with care, can be one of the best lead generating ways within the firm’s repertoire. This is more important in the contemporary market situation, where the recession has not yet released its strong clutch on the finances of most of the companies, irrespective of size, budget or employee strength. Notepads, being easy on the budget to print and market and provide a good yield of sales leads and business associates, can be a great investment strategy for marketers who wish to play it safe.

So, what are the things to keep in mind to help make your notepad shine as a promotional tool for your firm? Here are a few tips:


  • Stand Out – Your notepad is your own, and it is simply not just another notepad that you use to jot things down. To make the desired impact on potential consumers, your name needs to be highlighted on the notepad. Have your company name or professional nuances written in bold and conventional fonts. It should be written such that the user can easily read the name as well as comprehend the marketing message you wish to convey.


  • Logo – The logo is one of the most important elements to have in the notepad. They not only add credibility to the notepad, but also help to make it visually appealing, re-iterating your company name and brand image wherever possible.
  • The Notepad a.k.a. Resume – Have your credentials, highlights of the company history, etc. printed on your notepad in brief. This will help you to serve as the resume or the prima facie introduction of the company to new clients. You can also have client testimonials, images of achievements, etc. printed on the back of the notepad to help improve consumer retention.


So, what kind of notepads can you put to use while using them as a complimentary hand in a business marketing campaign? A notepad can differ not only in its design and print quality but also in shape. One should be aware of the different sizes of notepads used for specific purposes, hence, while targeting the niche consumer base, use the shape that best fits the bill. Some examples may include spiral pads, cube notes (stick-ons), work desk notepads, telephone diaries, customized notepads, etc.


Apart from these, notepads can also be used as a covert marketing assignment in seminars, trade fairs and similar events – where the potential consumer or business associate may need to jot down points in the melee of information. With a stylized and well-designed notepad, your marketing war may already be half won , with you on the better side!


However, for a notepad marketing campaign to succeed and achieve what it had set out for, only a professional printing agency should be hired to do the job. While many may mistake it as a burden of an investment, flawed printing of notepads not only fail to make the mark but also leave your company and brand image looking famished and amateur. Therefore, hire a professional printing agency as a little extra invested in quality will reveal large business profits later for the firm itself!