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Personalized Photo Products: Great Gifting Ideas

There are so many occasions when you buy gifts for your near and dear ones but have you ever asked yourself: Is the gift item too impersonal? When you gift to someone you want to make it the most precious thing in their life. Thus it is not a good idea to select from the abundant list of items present at the stores near you. In the past regular greetings cards were seen as a good gift item but just think there are thousands of greeting cards of the same design out there in the market. So is there anything special about your gift? Why not make the gift personalized to reflect the true personality of the recipient and what you feel about him or her.

Nowadays there are plenty of customization options in lieu of the development in printing technology. Photo products with custom messages are available with the printing agencies. You can gift a self designed photo product to someone you hold very special. There are great photo product gifting ideas available so just take a look at some of them:

  • Photobooks: If you are invited to a wedding or even a birthday then photobooks are great gift options. These can be held as the modern day form of the photo albums where you have a chance to design and customize the item according to your liking. You may use the pictures of the newlyweds or the birthday boy or girl on the cover of the photobook (or anything more creative). All the pictures taken on the special day may later be put into the photobook and gifted later.
  • Photo Calendars: Everyone needs calendars at home. Won’t it be a good idea if you could see various expressions and special moments in the well-designed pages of the photo calendars? So select some of the best moments in the life of the recipient and create a soothing design for each page. This gift will surely bring a smile on the face of the recipient.
  • Photo Greetings Cards: You may have bought the designed greeting cards from many stores but those were the gifting items of the bygone years. Today you can get greetings cards with the picture of the recipient and some messages that come straight from your heart. If you are creative you may also include some poetic lines dedicated to that person. There are many templates which you may use to design the photo greetings cards but you may also design it yourself using the colors and patterns that the recipient likes.
  • Personalized Posters and Banners: There are many people who like to decorate their walls with various types of posters. You may use the personalized posters or banners carrying some beautiful photographs of the individual and gift it. There is also scope to add innovative messages in this product.

As you can see all these ideas depend heavily on the quality of prints. With high quality printing you can draw applause. So the selection of a renowned printing service provider is vital. Print Papa is one of the most reputed printing agencies around and they offer a large variety of printing services for their customers.

Personalized Photo Greeting Card vs Regular Greetings Cards

With the valentine day coming soon, everyone is looking for perfect items to gift to their loved ones. In this respect the greeting cards are one of the most common choices. In many households, greeting cards have become synonymous to Christmas and New Year. Greeting cards have been in vogue for many decades now, but with the advancement of printing technology there have been new additions to it. One such advancement is the personalized photo greetings cards. These have been selling like hot cakes over the last few years; causing decrease in the sales of the regular greeting cards that people were so familiar with ever since their childhood days.

People welcome everything new with open arms if it is worthwhile. But let us scrutinize the various benefits of personalized photo greeting cards over their regular varieties.

  • Uniqueness: Regular greeting cards are printed in bulk and there are many prints of the same design available in the market. In case of the personalized variety this is not the instance. Everyone loves to receive a gift that is second to none. They want to flaunt the gift in front of others and tell how special it is. If you flaunt a regular greeting card in front of your friends then who knows there might be another person carrying a card of the same design. This is the advantage that personalized product has. It is unique and makes the receiver proud.
  • Variety: Though there are regular greeting cards for every occasion but remember those are made keeping in mind the taste of the mass and not someone specific. In case of the personalized photo greeting card, you can select the color of the recipient’s choice, a picture either of the recipient’s or any other photo that best describes the occasion and finally write a message that will touch the soul of the receiver. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea?

  • Cost Effective: Though the personalized photo greeting cards are great gift items but it is hard to say that they are more cost effective then the regular varieties of greeting cards. Though there are many companies offering cost effective deals on personalized greeting cards yet if you want to get the best output then you might have to spend a fair deal of money. There are special techniques used in printing and designing personalized photo greeting cards which lead to their elevated prices.

In order to get the personalized photo greeting card of your choice, which will bring a smile on the face of your loving one; you need to find a reputed printing agency first. PrintPapa is one of the top printing service providers in the market and they offer cost effective personalized photo greeting cards. There are other photo products available with them too such as Photobook, Banners, Calendar and Posters.

Tips to Design Fund Raising Calendar

If you are planning to raise funds for a charity one of the best ways for you to promote the cause would be with the use of calendar. People around the world have used this medium to create awareness and generate funds. Calendar is one of the cost effective mediums of promotion and has a longer shelf life ideally of 12 months. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind for designing a fund raising calendar:

  • Define Your Cause: You should define your cause well while printing a charity calendar. Elaborate the cause for which you seek funds and let people know how you plan to go about achieving your targets. Give people complete information on the background of your organization while seeking funds through a charity calendar.
  • Print Facts And Figures: One way to appeal well through your fund raising calendar is by publishing facts and figures. These give your potential donors a fair idea of what you are talking about and what you plan to do or how much have you done so far as a part of your campaign.
  • Use Images: Images are one of the best ways to narrate your cause to people. If you are planning to raise money for the protection of animals, publishing the pictures of these animals will be a good way.
  • Try Black and White: If you are planning a story of distress to the potential donors the best way to publish your calendar would be in black and white. This color combination helps in highlighting the seriousness of the issue.
  • Don’t Publish Gruesome Images: Your cause might be very serious but you should not publish gruesome images in your calendar. Such calendars won’t be used by people and will never lead to promotion of your cause.
  • Use Contact Details: Your calendar should have your contact address. This is for people who might actually want to donate something for charity and want to get in touch with you. Make sure you have a proper contact address or people might see you as a fraud.

The charity calendar should be printed by a professional printer to make it look attractive. You can hire the services of PrintPapa who are a very experienced printing service provider. They are equipped with the latest in the printing technology. PrintPapa has its expertise in printing books, booklets, greeting cards, letterheads, business cards, notepads, rack cards etc. Their biggest testimonial lies with the hundreds of customers who have been satisfied receiving their services.

Rack Cards To Promote Pizza Business

Rack cards are often found in restaurants and coffee shops around the world and are a great source of promotion. They are very cost effective and attract the attention of the people when placed on a table in such places. They can influence people to buy pizzas in a pizza shop. Here are five ideas by which rack cards can be used to promote your pizza business through rack cards:

  • Pizza Menu – Rack cards can be used for making pizza menus. The shop owner can inform people about various toppings available in the shop through rack cards. The ones with attractive toppings can be included in the image section.
  • Free Pizza Cards – For regular customers, these cards can be turned into free pizza cards. Customers can pick up a rack card on his/her visit. A collection or five or seven of such rack cards can make him/her eligible for a free medium or large sized pizza.

  • Discount Cards – Rack cards can be used as discount cards at pizza stores. They can have a percentage of discount printed on them. You could give different discount amounts to people of different bill value. The higher the bill more can be the discount percentage.
  • Tear Off Cards – The rack card’s tear-off part can be used to give a few freebies to the customers. They can tear off the portion and submit their names and contact numbers on the tear off part. A lottery can be held weekly and weekend movie tickets can be handed out to the winners.
  • Business Cards – You can create a rack card which has a tear off business card attached with it. This will promote your shop among the masses. Make sure that you are very creative with your business card or it won’t be able to attract enough attraction to be torn off from the rack card.

All these will serve as great yet cost effective methods to promote your pizza business. To make the rack cards look impressive it is important that you get them printed from a high quality printer. PrintPapa is one of the ideal printing service providers for this job. They are a modern printing agency who are equipped with the latest in terms of printing technology. They have expertise in printing banners, business cards, calendars, envelopes, catalogs, booklets, books etc. They have a huge list of satisfied clients who have been provided quality work on time.

Tips To Make Your Letterhead Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Letterhead is one of the most important corporate documents. It is your first impression to many of your potential clients. There is nothing better in business than to impress your client at the first go. Organization spends millions of dollars in promoting themselves where as a letterhead can do it in a few cents. It should thus be designed to leave an excellent impression on the minds of the recipients. Here are some tips through which you can turn your letterhead into your USP:

  • Brand It – The brand name of your organization should be printed on top of the letterhead and should immediately grab attention. It should always be printed in legible font. Try using gloss over your company name as it will highlight the letterhead.
  • Use Logo – A logo is the identity of your brand and thus it is important for you to use the logo in your letterhead. This will brand you well in the market at the same time separate your letterhead from the ordinary ones used by many organizations.
  • Put A Watermark – A water mark is the sign of class in a letterhead and this will put you in the elite league and form a USP for your organization. You can use the the name or logo of your company in the center of the letterhead for the watermark.

  • Print Full Color – There is nothing better than a full color printing when it comes to a letterhead. Color adds more emotion and impact to your designs. It lets you be more creative than a single color letterhead would give.
  • Catchy Slogan – You can use a catchy slogan or a quote on your letterhead. This can be the focal point in your letterhead. It can be the slogan for your own company or a quote by a famous personality. Print it at the bottom of the letterhead.
  • Contacts – It is important that your letterhead carries your contact details in full. This is a sign of authenticity for any company. If your company operates out of multiple locations try including the address of your branch offices at the bottom of the letterhead with the address of your head office being at the top.

You will need to print your letterhead with a high quality printed for it to look well. PrintPapa is one such printing agency which will meet your needs. They are well equipped with the latest printing technology and have expertise in printing banners, business cards, calendars, envelopes, catalogs, booklets, books etc. It has regularly satisfied customers with its high quality printed material on time.

Benefits Of Posters For Small Business

The global financial turmoil has cost most businesses especially the smaller ones. The crunch of financial resources meant that most companies are left with very little as far as far as promotions are concerned. If you head a small business, posters are one of the best ways for you to promote in this volatile business environment. Posters are one of the oldest and most effective promotional tools available. Here are the advantages that posters can bring to your business:

  • Posters are one of the cheapest promotional tools and come cheaper than any other form of promotion. They serve ideal for small business especially the one’s who operate in a small geography. You can further cut costs by finding a printing service provider who gives discounts.
  • Most small business put up the posters in such places where people see them over and over again. This arouses interest in the mind of the individuals and convinces them to act.
  • Posters can be customized for both small and large initiatives. Poster campaign can be designed to act as teasers as well as carry out the full campaign. You can design multiple versions of the same poster to run a more effective campaign.

  • You can custom design your poster using some simple software applications. You can use MS Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw among others to design the poster. For most other forms of promotional campaign you will need to depend in external agencies.
  • Poster marketing is very targeted. You can place your posters exactly in the places which is flocked by your potential clients. This will make sure that posters attracts people who are likely to turn your customers in the future.

The effectiveness of a poster campaign depends on its placement. Make sure that the poster is placed on the eye level or just above it. Avoid placing the poster in a corner or a poorly lit area as it may not be visible. It should be visible from a distance and should be able to attract the attention of onlookers from at least a distance of 20 meters.

To have a very effective campaign with posters you need to make sure that posters are printed high quality. You will require the services of a professional printing service provider like PrintPapa for this. They are equipped with latest in the printing technology and have expertise in printing catalogs, brochures, business cards, rack cards, letterheads, booklets, doorhangers etc. They have a list of happy clients having delivered them quality work on time.

How To Print Cheap Business Cards?

Business cards are one of the best ways to promote yourself, especially if you are in a small business with limited capital. There are many people that you will come across in your everyday life and give a business card for promotion. If you are distributing good number of business cards everyday you will need to opt for cheap business card without compromising on quality. Here are a few tips through which you can get cheap business cards printed:

  • If your requirement is large, printing cards in bulk is the best option as they bring down the cost of printing per business card considerably.
  • In case you plan to print a small number of cards it is advisable to choose digital printing over the traditional offset printing. For low volumes offset printing doesn’t make sense.
  • You can cut down on the designing cost by designing the cards yourself. There are a lot of softwares like MS Publisher, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop which lets you design the cards yourself.
  • Different paper come at different rates. You need to do a thorough research on the kind of paper available in the market. You can reduce costs by choosing the right paper quality.

  • A single color business card may not look as attractive as a four color one but it can bring down the printing cost heavily. A well designed single color business card looks very attractive.
  • Look for printing service providers who offer discounts on printing business cards. You can use the Internet for finding out printers which offer discounts on business cards printing.
  • You can use mini cards which are smaller in size compared to the standards ones. They save you a lot of money as they consume less of printing paper which accounts for substantial cost in terms of printing.
  • Look out for the lean season that printing service providers have. This is the time when you can get a good bargain from the printer and negotiate the deal on your own terms.

To print cheap business cards you will need the services of a good printer who gives you very competitive rate. PrintPapa is one such printing agency which will meet your needs. They are well equipped with the latest printing technology and have expertise in printing banners, business cards, calendars, envelopes, catalogs, booklets, books, letterheads etc. It has regularly satisfied customers with its high quality printed material on time.

How To Promote Energy Conservation Through Posters?

Do you see wastage of electricity in your workplace, educational institution or some public place that you visit regularly. Wastage of electricity through lights, computers and air conditioners when no one is using them is common in today’s world. People do not seem to mind wasting electricity in such places as they do not have to bear the cost. Posters are one of the best ways to make people aware of the need to conserve energy. Here are a few ways in which posters can be used to promote energy conservation:

  • It needs to be promoted among the audience every watt of energy saved is equivalent to the energy produced. The poster should educate people on the common mistakes that they do which leads to wastage of energy.
  • Identify the places in your workplace, educational institution where maximum energy wastage takes place. You can put up some awareness posters on energy conservation in such places.
  • Use facts and figures to raise awareness among people about energy saving. Many people aren’t even aware of how much electricity that they can save if they make some serious attempts to do so.

  • Highlight the ill effects of electricity wastage like dwindling coal and petroleum resources which will run out of stock in the near future.
  • Use graphics and images in your poster to promote energy conservation. Posters look appealing when they carry graphics and images. Many people take interest in a poster only when it comes accompanied with pictures and graphics.
  • Make sure that the posters are placed in the line of sight and not in some isolated corner. The more people see it, more are the chances of people starting to save energy.
  • The poster should also make people aware of the alternate sources at their homes. It could be using the solar power or the power of the wind.
  • Keep the background color of the poster black or any other dark color which converts seriousness of the message. Things in brighter color usually do not convey the seriousness.

A well designed and printed poster is what you will need for this campaign. You need to go to a professional printing agency like PrintPapa for this job. They are equipped with all the latest printing technology and have expertise in printing banners, business cards, calendars, envelopes, catalogs, booklets, books, letterheads etc. The biggest testimony for PrintPapa is the satisfaction of its clients who have got quality results on time.

Things To Ask Your Printer Before Printing

If you are publishing a book for the first time there are lot of technical things that you need to keep in mind. The increasing popularity of self publishing has made sure that most authors are dealing with the printer themselves and not going to a publisher. Being a first time printer it is better to ask a few questions rather than give a go ahead to the printer with lots of questions in mind. Here are some questions that you should ask your printer before the printing of your book starts:

  • The first and the foremost thing is to ask the printer is about the equipment that will be used for printing. A good printer should be armed with the latest in printing technology. For short run books digital printing is preferred where as for long run offset printing is more economical.
  • Ask for quote for different numbers of books. If the difference between printing of 2000 books and 5000 books is negligible. The cost of printing often differs with the size of the book. Ask your printer to give quote for the different paper size.

  • Paper quality is another important thing that needs to be considered. There are many kinds of paper available in the market which have their own pros and cons. Make sure you use the paper which will best serve your purpose. Under no circumstance should you compromise the quality of the paper.
  • The time of deliver is very important in any form of business. It is thus important for you to fix the date of delivery before handing over the job to him/her.
  • Ask your printer if he/she can get you an ISBN No., if you haven’t got one as yet. It is almost a must these days for your book to have an ISBN no.
  • Talk to him about the kind of binding that he will provide for the book. Will it be saddle stitch, spiral or perfect bound? If you haven’t yet designed the cover of the book. You could ask your printer to do that for you. A cover design is important as it decides the success of a book.

Hiring the services of a professional printer is very important for the success of your book. A printer like PrintPapa is ideal for your purpose. They are equipped with the latest technology in printing and have expertise in printing letterheads, business cards, calendars, envelopes, catalogs and booklets among other things. They have a list of happy clients having delivered quality work on time.

Creative Booklet Printing Tips

Booklets are one of the best ways to promote your products and services. They have been extensively used as a marketing tool along with brochures to sell products and services. This has also made the traditional booklet a little boring. Most of the booklets have the same rectangular shape and are printed four color on high quality paper.

Today’s competitive business environment requires more creative booklets which can catch the eyes of the target audience. Booklets arouse interest in minds of the people to purchase a product or a service and thus it is important to make your booklet attractive and make it stand out. The challenge is to look different at the same time meet the purpose. Here are a few tips for creative booklet printing:

  • Alter Booklet Cover – Traditional booklet covers have been printed on slightly thicker paper than the rest of the booklet. Try using textured paper, corrugated paper, plastics, cardboards and other interesting materials to make the color booklet look different.
  • Use Metallic Ink – Although there is nothing wrong with the four color printing that you are used to seeing, using metallic ink will make your booklet stand out. Also metallic ink has an external shine which makes it look great.

  • Change The BindingPerfect binding has been used so far when it has come to binding of booklets but you can experiment with other types of binding. Spiral binding or even special string or twine binding  would make your booklet look very attractive when compared to other types of booklet.
  • Play With Shape – You can shun the traditional rectangular booklets and opt for some other shapes like square, triangle or even a circle. This will give your booklet an edge over it’s competitors and make a statement of your creativity.
  • Add Accessories – This is another way of making your booklet look attractive. You can add things such as a ribbon or metallic studs, plastic shapes and even embossed elements. This will be very impressive.

For your creative booklet printing you will need the services of a good print service provider. This is where a printer like PrintPapa comes in handy. They have expertise in all kinds of printing and designing services. They use the state of art printing technology for printing posters, banners, business cards, letterheads, rack cards etc. They have built a list of successful clientèle over the years due to their high quality service.