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Benefits Of Posters For Small Business

The global financial turmoil has cost most businesses especially the smaller ones. The crunch of financial resources meant that most companies are left with very little as far as far as promotions are concerned. If you head a small business, posters are one of the best ways for you to promote in this volatile business environment. Posters are one of the oldest and most effective promotional tools available. Here are the advantages that posters can bring to your business:

  • Posters are one of the cheapest promotional tools and come cheaper than any other form of promotion. They serve ideal for small business especially the one’s who operate in a small geography. You can further cut costs by finding a printing service provider who gives discounts.
  • Most small business put up the posters in such places where people see them over and over again. This arouses interest in the mind of the individuals and convinces them to act.
  • Posters can be customized for both small and large initiatives. Poster campaign can be designed to act as teasers as well as carry out the full campaign. You can design multiple versions of the same poster to run a more effective campaign.

  • You can custom design your poster using some simple software applications. You can use MS Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw among others to design the poster. For most other forms of promotional campaign you will need to depend in external agencies.
  • Poster marketing is very targeted. You can place your posters exactly in the places which is flocked by your potential clients. This will make sure that posters attracts people who are likely to turn your customers in the future.

The effectiveness of a poster campaign depends on its placement. Make sure that the poster is placed on the eye level or just above it. Avoid placing the poster in a corner or a poorly lit area as it may not be visible. It should be visible from a distance and should be able to attract the attention of onlookers from at least a distance of 20 meters.

To have a very effective campaign with posters you need to make sure that posters are printed high quality. You will require the services of a professional printing service provider like PrintPapa for this. They are equipped with latest in the printing technology and have expertise in printing catalogs, brochures, business cards, rack cards, letterheads, booklets, doorhangers etc. They have a list of happy clients having delivered them quality work on time.

The Pros and Cons of Self Publishing

Self publishing is one of the most talked about topics in the printing industry these days. More and more authors are bending towards self publishing. Some do it to avoid being at the mercy of big publishers while others do it as a pure business decision to reap maximum profit out of their books and not share it with the publishers. There is however a raging debate on the pros and cons of self publishing. It has very strong critics as well as supporters who swear by it. Let us look at some of the pros and cons of self publishing.


  • You get to keep the rights of the book instead of it being with the publisher. This will enable you to reprint your book at will.
  • Self publishing ensures that you have full creative control over your book. You do not need to compromise on the content for the commercial interest of the publisher. From book cover to pricing everything will be of your choice.
  • You decide the price of the book and keep all the profits instead of earning a small percentage from the publisher who publishes your book.
  • The time taken by the book to hit the market in a self publishing is much lesser than going through an established publisher.


  • Self publishing will require you to invest cash upfront from your own pocket. In case the book fails to do well you will lose your investment.
  • Self published books are not accepted well in the market as most people still prefer to buy books from renowned publishers.
  • You will get limited support in proofing and editing compared to the kind executed in a professional production house.
  • These books have limited promotion as most self publishers cannot afford to carry out extensive promotional campaign. Even the distributorship for these books is poor as they cannot match the production houses.

What ever the pros and cons a good self published book needs to be printed from a good printing service provider. Hiring the services of a Print Papa will be the right choice for you. They are the first choice for self publishing authors. They have expertise in printing banners, business cards, notepads, envelopes, letterheads, rack cards, booklets etc. Print Papa is equipped with high end printing equipment and has trained staff at it’s end.  They have regularly satisfied all their clients with high quality printing and delivery on time.

Advertising Restaurants Through Postcards

The food industry has become more competitive than it ever was. There are new restaurants opening everyday. But you can create a large customer base with the proper use of the promotional materials. There are various types of promotional materials available with the printing agencies today but there are some special promotional materials that will suit your niche business. In case of the restaurant industry postcards is the happening medium of advertising in today’s date. Before going into the deeper aspects of postcard marketing let us first take a look at why you should opt for such a promotional campaign?

Why do Restaurateurs Send Marketing Postcards?

When you are opening a new restaurant you can send invitations to your guests and make them aware of your opening date with the help of the marketing postcards. You can tell people that there is grand new dinning place where they can enjoy delicious dishes with their families and that too at a very reasonable price. The postcards can also be used as coupons for free entry, discounts or eat all you can.

You can also announce special events that you have planned at your restaurant with the help of the postcards. You are offering some special seasonal bonanza then you can tell it to people. For example you have hired singers to your restaurant and this can be informed to the masses with the help of this promotional material.

Some people simply can’t resist when they see delicious food. For them you can send postcards having the pictures of delicious dishes prepared in your kitchen. The pictures will also give an idea to the customers about the servings available at your restaurant.

There are various questions that rise in the minds of the customers such as do you offer home delivery of the ordered food? Do you have catering facility for special events? Do you take orders over the phone? You can make a list of these questions and answer them in your postcard. Include your phone number, website address and menu in the postcard for ready reference of the customers.

Some Tips for Owners

It is important to know your strengths first. Everyone will want to know what they can get in your restaurant which they will not get elsewhere. So if there is a special dish in the menu highlight it. Always create a list of the best things that your restaurant can provide.

Use high quality photos of your restaurant. There should be no dull element in the photos. They are meant to basically lure the people to the restaurant so select only the best pictures and dishes for your marketing material.

The budget for a postcard marketing campaign is a lot less when compared to the other forms of promotional materials such as banners, calendars, bookmarks, etc. But with good designing and thought this can boost your restaurant business significantly. But if you are looking to get good quality prints then it is necessary to take services from a renowned printing service provider such as Print Papa. This company not only prints postcards they also offer printing services for rack cards, books, notepadsbrochures, flyers, envelopes, etc.

Designing a Corporate Greeting Card

Everyone likes to receive a greeting card on some festival or auspicious occasion in their life. It creates a sort of bonding between the sender and recipient. If you are a business house then you will never get a better chance to create a bonding with your present and prospective clients then by sending customized greeting card. Though you may pick up any of the attractive greeting cards available in the market but it does not have the desired effect. A personalized corporate greeting card gives more control on how you want to portray your business image.

Corporate greeting cards are often seen as a token of appreciation by the recipients and they also spread news and goodwill of your business. If you have a fancy for designing then you would be glad to know that corporate greeting cards can be created sitting in your cozy home.

  • Publishing Tools: First thing that you will require to make a good business greeting card is a desktop publishing software such as Pagemaker, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, etc. Most of these publishing tools have a easy to understand step by step guide. You can save a lot of time if you use a software that you are familiar with or that you have used in the past. It is recommended that you use a less complicated software to fetch desired results for your promotional campaign. You will also find a lot of readymade templates in the publishing tool but it is always desirable that you prick your brains and create something unique reflecting your business.
  • Dummy Card: Create a dummy card and then take a print out. View the card and you are sure to find many corrections to be made. Corporate greeting card created by you will be sent to professionals so they have to be professionally designed bereft of any errors.
  • Colors and Fonts: Flashy colors and images might make the card unsuitable for professional use. It is better to stick to a simple theme and images that include the company logo. Choose a font that will best suit the mood of the card. Some of the curvy fonts make the content hard to read. So be simple.
  • Alignment: Alignment for the card is also very important so draw vertical and horizontal guidelines. This will make sure that the text and the images are consistent and nothing jets out.

After finishing off with the designing part you have to select a printing service provider. This choice is vital. Selection of the printing agency should be based on time of delivery, pricing as well as quality of work. Print Papa is one such company that has over the years gained reputation with their quality prints for different types of promotional materials such as booklets, brochures, notepads, etc.