2 Fundamental Changes That Signs Have Undergone through History

By: Mitali Ghosh  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  December 18, 2019

Signs are one of those common means of print promotion that have had a long history, one that has seen a lot of changes over time. But no matter how many changes it goes through, signs are still prevailing as one of the most opted-for print means for the promotion of any kind of business.

Most of the businesses today opt for sign printing for both long-distance promotions as well as indoor and neighborhood promotions. And PrintPapa has just the right kinds of signs that you require for your business promotion, no matter the type. However, since we mentioned the history of signs, let’s find out how they were earlier and how they are now.

Sign Printing Online

Here are 2 fundamental changes that signs have gone through in history:

  • Material: Outdoor signs date a lot back in history, from 300 BC to 500 AD. During those times, signs were made out of stone, wood, bronze, copper, marble, etc. All this made them heavy and needed to be carved out of.

Today, on the other hand, custom sign printing at PrintPapa uses PVC, DiBond, Gator Board, Corrugated Plastic, Styrene and foam core.

  • Electric signs and shapes: Beginning with gas illumination (running for 5 hours at a stretch) in the 1840s, signs then moved on to incandescent bulbs in the 1880s (courtesy of Thomas Edison). Next came the neon tubes in the 1900s (letting the makers bend the tubes into any shape). They were followed finally by the fluorescent tubes in the 1930s. These brought in more colors that were not so in the case of neon tubes.

Today, backlit sign printing like those at PrintPapa is a modern version of electric signs in that they themselves do not require any electricity. Instead, the material they are made up of i.e. Translucent Polyester, allows light to shine through it by means of any light source. The 8 mill matte finish produces high-quality images rich in density.

As for the shapes, PrintPapa provides a long range of die-cut signs made out of PVC, DiBond, Gator Board, and other materials (as mentioned in the previous point) according to your choice.

Keeping in mind the inconveniences that signs of the earlier times used to bring, opting for sign printing online at PrintPapa lets you print effective high-quality signs at affordable rates for multiple sue. They provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction to all their customers and clients. For more info, visit www.PrintPapa.com or dial 408-567-9553.