3 Campaigns to Spread the Buzz about with the Help of Posters

By: Mitali Ghosh  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  February 15, 2020

Posters have always been used to promote campaigns since time immemorial. They are simple to make and a very cost-effective marketing tool to spread the words. And if you too are thinking about opting for posters for spreading the word about your campaign, PrintPapa is your one-stop solution. PrintPapa is one of the most renowned agencies of high-quality online poster printing services in California, providing full-color posters at affordable costs.

However, in this blog, we shall be talking about how you can use poster printing for different kinds of promotions. That is, we shall be discussing how you will be able to use posters to promote different types of campaigns.

Here are 3 types of campaigns that can be effective with poster printing:

  1. School Campaigns: Posters play a huge role in campaigns in schools. Be it to promote upcoming events like club meetings, bake sales, prom nights, pep rallies, or for sports events like soccer and rugby. Your audience, including your schoolmates and teachers, are sure to take note of your posters while going to class.PrintPapa offers high-quality custom poster printing in various formats like large format, poster boards, and dry-erase posters. Choose the one which suits your needs the best.
  2. Event Campaigns: If you along your friends’ committee have organized a concert for a rock band or homecoming or any other event, posters are a great tool for promoting it. When promoting an event it is very important to spark excitement in the viewer.PrintPapa’s poster printing allows you to upload your own artwork along with gloss and matte lamination. This allows you to give the posters an attractive touch. PrintPapa’s large format posters can be of 18” to 50” wide to any length. Have your posters placed around the specific areas where you want to promote your event to remind the viewers multiple times why they should be interested in the event.poster printing
  3. Fundraising Campaigns: The most important thing about fundraising posters is to include ads and sponsors to boost profit both for you and the advertiser. Moreover, sponsors help you gain the trust of the viewers and will make them take note of the event better, thus raise more funds. PrintPapa’s poster boards can come in handy in this case with their photographic quality printing on stiff 3mm PVC.

Custom poster printing at PrintPapa comes at affordable costs along with low minimums and fast turnarounds. This makes fundraising even more fruitful.

PrintPapa is a renowned large poster printing company based in California that assures guaranteed satisfaction on its poster printing. For more info or for discussing custom order, dial 408-567-9553.