3 Effective Ways of ‘Directing’ Home Care, Travel and Tourism Business

By: Mitali Ghosh  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  September 28, 2019

If you are starting a new business, it is only natural that you would first go to your neighbors and tell them about it rather than going through the trouble of making a Facebook page or a whole website and then start promoting it which takes a lot of time. And an effective way of making your neighbors aware of your business is EDDM marketing or every door direct mail marketing.

Businesses like home care, travel and tourism can be a lot more effective when promoted via every door direct mail marketing.

Printed materials like postcards, folded mailers, and even inserts in newspapers, can be distributed in your neighborhood at a very affordable budget and give you a much higher Return-On-Investment. PrintPapa, a famous online printing service in California provides high-quality every door direct mail printing with 100% guaranteed satisfaction and fast turnarounds.

every door direct mail

Following are 3 effective EDDM printing tools:

  • Post Cards

They are perhaps the most affordable means of your EDDM marketing. If you have health care or a tourism business, an effective postcard can give you a large number of loyal customers every time they plan to opt for the services, you provide. Although small in size, this is what gives your customers the first impression of your brand. A good design is sure to have a positive effect on your customers and will certainly motivate them to avail your services.

Opting for Every door direct mail printing at Printpapa allows you to print business cards at attractive wholesale prices. Opting for these will definitely bring you good results along with higher savings.

  • Folded Mailers

While postcards limit you to add only the necessary details about your company, folded mailers allow a more in-depth presentation of your services. You can incorporate images, different fonts and attractive colors to enhance the look of your folded mailers. For example, in the case of a tourism sector, you can use pictures of attractive locations; whereas, in case of health care, you can show-off images of your staff performing their job. All this gives your folded mailers a powerful impact.

PrintPapa provides high-quality EDDM mailers which are even added with monthly deals.

  • Inserts in Newspapers

Newspapers are availed by almost everyone. And there are many who get them delivered to their household. Grab this opportunity to place your travel, tourism or health care inserts in the ads section of your newspapers. This is a great way of promotion as people who are reading the newspaper have a higher chance of going through your insert thus increasing the chances of higher CTAs.

If you are opting for every door direct mail California, PrintPapa is your one-stop destination. A BBB accredited business with an A+ rating; we provide fast turnarounds and guarantee 100% product satisfaction.