3 Ways to Boost Digital & Offline Marketing with Catalogs from PrintPapa

By: Mitali Ghosh  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  January 9, 2020

Catalogs have always been one of the most opted forms of print promotions, both for digital and offline marketing results. They have the strong potential to reach out to both offline and online customers simultaneously; thus increasing the chance of higher sales and revenue.

If you are looking for high-quality catalogs that will serve your business perfectly, both offline and online, PrintPapa is your one-stop destination. Low-cost catalog printing at PrintPapa enables you to make the perfect use of your catalogs for better customer experience.

Here are 3aspects ofPrintPapa catalogs that add to their effectiveness for digital and offline marketing:

  • Tactile: The physical aspect and the sense of touch cannot be replaced by any online experience.
  • Leisure: The fact that customers can take their own sweet time going through the catalogs increases the chances of them buying products from your online store.
  • Presentation: Catalogs allow for a clear presentation of products or services that a business provides without being overwhelming. Moreover, the reader is not bombarded with ads here and there as is the case with an online search.

Catalog printing services at PrintPapa allow you to choose from a long range of low-cost high-quality catalogs of different sizes, finishes and paper stock options. Opt for one which best upholds your brand.

catalog printing services3 Tips to keep in mind for an effective Digital&Offline catalog design:

  • Not outdated: Make sure that the services or products that your business provides are not unavailable, or out of stock. This can be misleading for your customers and you may lose them forever.
  • Effective design: A simple design with a clear font is always better than a fancy one. Add the best sellers in the first few pages.
    PrintPapa’s catalog printing services online lets you design your own catalogs. Or if you want, we can fix it for you as well.
  • Proper product and service info: The increase in your sales depends highly on this. So, make sure to have the right information to answer all the questions which the customers might have in their minds.

A well-designed printed catalog can be a significant boost in sales for your digital and offline marketing. Custom catalog printing at PrintPapa provides effective catalogs that will help you take care of your brand promotions perfectly. For low minimums and fast turnarounds, just visit www.printpapa.com or dial 408-567-9553.