A Few Blunders You Need to avoid When Order Poster Printing Services

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Banner, Posters & Signs  |  May 2, 2022

Poster printing is a great way of direct mail marketing. If you are running a campaign, then go ahead with poster printing in bulk. In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the huge mistakes that people often commit while designing a poster.

Apart from the fact that you need to read the reviews and check the rating of a printing store before ordering posters printing from them, here are some of the mistakes that you need to keep in mind.

Not knowing how many posters your campaign actually needs: One of the first mistakes that entrepreneurs commit is that they are not sure about how they are going to run the campaign. They can either order too many posters or too less posters. This is the reason why you need to dig deep into it and understand that posters are required for promotion or branding.

Whether you are getting the poster printed for a new product launch, event, trade show, or a new store opening, you have to get bulk posters. The best part is that it would be cost-effective as well.

However, if you want to go for low minimums for large poster printing, find a printing store that provides you with the same.

Wrong file format: Once you’ve created the design, the next step is to find send the right file format to the printing store. However, there are lots of young or budding entrepreneurs who do not understand the importance of the right file format for bulk poster printing.

Once your designer has created the artwork, you need to save it in the right format and then upload it on the website.

The faster you steer clear of these mistakes, the better it is for you.

Setting a low resolution: The biggest mistake in designing is getting a low resolution for your posters. The posters should have images with sharp images. Otherwise, the recipients/onlookers wouldn’t pay heed to your poster out of the stack they received.

If you have a designer, ask him or her to guide you through the same. Your printing store will also give you certain suggestions related to this issue.

Inaccurate bleed: You should also steer clear of this major mistake. The posters should bleed in full ink so that they look bright. In this regard, it should be also noted that you must use colors that complement each other. The font types should also complement each other and do not stuff your posters with too much information.

Placing ele

ments too close to each other: Neither should you place the elements too close to each other nor should you place them nearer the cutting edge. The text should be readable as well. Get the legibility of your text checked by 2 to 3 employees to understand whether the recipient would find it easy to read it or not.

Proofreading: Before mailing the final file to the printing store, you have to proofread it.

Imagine getting a poster with spelling mistakes!

These are a few mistakes that you must avoid while getting posters printed in bulk quantity.

The posters should come out as eye-catching ones. Go through designs as much as you can and then only finalize on the same. The contrast and visibility are of utmost importance when you are designing posters. Order poster stand & boards as well.