A new “Bright” Idea for Marketing or Bring your customers in from the dark

By: Nick Dillard  |  Posted In: Marketing, New @PrintPapa, Tips & Tricks  |  February 21, 2012

You have seen them. In subway or BART stations, at the movie theater displaying coming attractions, in sports arenas with the logos of big name sponsors, but did you know you can have one in your own home or business? Yes! It’s very possible. They are known as “Light Boxes” or “Back Lit Displays”. There is of course an upfront cost, but you shouldn’t look at it that way. It’s more of an investment. For your business, it’s a constantly changing marketing tool. The frame itself is a one time buy and the interchangeable films are very affordable (especially @ PrintPapa.com) and can last up to 3 years outdoors. They can be used for everything from bright window signage for businesses open after dark to in-store displays and POP signage. Example? Now let’s say you aren’t a business owner, but just want some unique artwork to place in your home. Why not get your favorite movie poster printed on a backlit film for your in-home theater or Den. Maybe your favorite painting or family portrait, backlit over the fireplace. There are tons of applications and ways  you can use the “Light Box“. Brighten your business or your home, it’s just a good idea.