Actually…Bigger is Better

By: Nick Dillard  |  Posted In: Fun Stuff, Tips & Tricks  |  January 13, 2012
It’s a fact that for printing, large format is the only way to go. Well, not the only way. Let’s be honest. However, if you want to make a major statement in a major way, then it is indeed the only way to go. We aren’t talking about 3ft by 10ft banners here (nothing against those). Nay, we are talking about a 6ft by 20ft monster that can be seen from a mile or so away…THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is large format and the power of a huge message. The ability to market your prices or specials or grand opening in a bigger and better way than your competition and match that with a high quality product or service is paramount in business. Not to mention the other multitudes of uses for “Big Printing” like Posters, Static Cling window displays, Backlit transparent images and more. All big, all beautiful. Now for the shameless plug 🙂 has recently added Large Format Printing services to their wide assortment of quality services. If you own a business and have window graphics, an A-Frame (sandwich board) or a banner, go outside and look at it, keeping in mind that the quality and condition of your marketing materials almost always dictates the quality of your services or products to the consumer. Chances are (if you haven’t replaced them in awhile) you need a new one. Not saying you absolutely have to go through PrintPapa to get it done (even though you should), but it’s good for business and that’s all Papa want’s to do is help you help yourself.

Other Large Format Uses include:

  • Sporting Event banners
  • Concert Posters
  • Club Event Promoter Banners
  • Fine Art Reproduction
  • Trade Show Banners
  • Large Wall Graphics
  • Musician Promotional banners
  • Point Of Purchase (POP) graphics
  • Retail Services
  • and more!!