Advantages of Pro-Environmental Digital Offset Printing

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Print News  |  January 12, 2010

Conserving environment is one of the top issues in the list of the scientists all over the world. With careless human activities enough damage has already been done to nature. So today everybody needs to be that extra bit careful in their daily activities and check whether their activities are hurting nature. Printing and the materials used in it are also causes of environmental pollution albeit to a minimum amount. Now there is the option for going the green way with your printing projects. Digital offset printing is not only environment friendly but also gives you the desired result for your printing project. There are more and more printers that are using the digital offset printing and thus doing their bid to save nature.


But it is important to know the detailed benefits of using such pro-environment printing. So here they are:

  • Green Printers: Most of the digital offset printers nowadays use green printers. Such printers are specially designed to reduce pollution. The chemicals used in these printers do not have the harmful chemicals in large amount. The ink is made with organic pigments. The paper used in these printers is the recycled paper but even then the prints are long lasting and of distinct quality.
  • Less Time Required: The orders can be delivered in quick time. In other types of printing the solvent has to be dried out and only after that can it be cut and folded. Digital prints will make the prints ready to use.
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  • Less Quantity Orders: Orders can be made as per requirement. Though there is a minimum order margin but that is very low too. So you do not have to pay a large amount for the material used in your printing project.
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  • Last Minute Updating: The content and designs for the materials can be changed at the last moment too. As the turn around time is not much, so changes can be incorporated easily into your project. Say you are printing a catalog and you want some changes in the prices of a couple of items, you can do that easily.

If conserving nature and getting great quality could come in a package what could be a better deal! One such printing agency that offers ideal eco-friendly digital prints is PrintPapa. So go for the green today!