Advantages of using Postcards for Advertising

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  January 15, 2010

Marketing is one of the age old techniques to entice the people to buy a product. But nowadays there are so many tools at disposal of the marketeers that it often becomes difficult to choose the best. With the evolution of the Internet there are more and more online marketing tools available. But ask the enterprise owners and they will tell you that mailing is one of the essential components of any marketing campaign. People still like to receive advertising postcards then a direct mail from a company. Postcards have been popular marketing tool ever since the fall of the last century only the content and designing of the cards have changed.


The postcards can either be sent in the form of greeting cards or in order to inform or keep in touch with the clients. But all the content in these cards are advertising based and are accompanied with other marketing tools such as letters, flyers, catalogs and brochures. The heavy marketing content in the postcards differentiates them from other types of normal greeting cards and thus they are called advertising postcards.


These postcards are either sent to the existing client base or they are sent randomly to everyone. But it is always desirable to sent the postcards to the clients that belong to your niche business. The content of such postcards is primarily based on promoting or introducing a new product or service or to update the customers about some new event in the company. Most importantly there is enough of information about the company and its various other products or services present in the postcard. Like direct mails there are no issues of privacy or security. You can expect that the person receiving the mail will cast a glance through your promotional material.


Results for the postcard promotional campaign will only bear fruit if you get the postcards designed from a professional printing agency and one such agency of repute is PrintPapa. The advertising postcard should be catchy and handy as is the case with brochures. Only thing here is that all the information has to be given in compressed form. The card quality has to be good to catch the eyes of the customers and the design has to be unique from the rest of the crowd.

So if you have not used the advertising postcards then it is high time you go to a printing service provider and order for some!