Answering the Most Common Questions about Flyers for Business

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Flyers  |  November 28, 2022

Even if your business has succeeded without flyers, do you really think you won’t require one for the rest of its lifespan? If you think that way, you seriously need to think once again.

As a newcomer in this entrepreneurship world, thinking that flyers aren’t as effective as other marketing strategies is understandable. But once you get into the concept, you will understand their true-blue significance.

A flyer is quite similar to a brochure, but there are a few underlying differences. So, the prime difference lies in the fold. While a brochure accomplishes several things that flyers cannot, flyers have immense significance. In this post, let’s learn their importance from the given narration.

Whether your business needs a flyer or a brochure, you have endless opportunities considering the print choices. Here’s everything you need to learn about flyers before choosing flyer printing services.

When do you need a Flyer?

There’s no doubt stating that flyers are prompt. And if you have little information, here are the reasons why people use flyers for different purposes.

  • They want to get the word out about their marketing or sale

  • Flyers let everyone understand that they are open to the business

  • They improve the conversations between a business and customers with the fact sheet about the product

  • They also advertise who the business is and what its vision and mission are

  • They are effective to use during the promotion of a forthcoming event

  • They help customers get coupons and other rewards

What are the standard sizes of flyers?

The standard size of rectangle flyers is usually a computer paper’s size. So, that makes it evident that flyers are most effective when they are built in the size of 8.5” x 11”. You may also consider designing them in the A4 size, i.e., 8.3” x 11.7”. However, smaller formats are more prominent amongst businesses these days. Given below are the most common flyer sizes:

  • Letter size, i.e., 8.5” x 11”

  • A4: 8.3” x 11.7”

  • A6: 5.8” x 4.1”

  • A5: 8.3” x 5.8”

  • DL (or dimension lengthwise) size, i.e., 8.3” x 3.9”

  • You may also choose one-third of the A4 size

The cost of each flyer with your printer may affect the size as non-standard and larger sizes may be costlier. For instance, if you choose the die cut flyers, they are a bit more expensive.

What are the most suitable materials for flyers?

Flyers are not for long-term uses. So, they are printed on low-quality and inexpensive paper. That does not make the print poor. Some flyers are built to last longer. And they are the ones that include the list of customer procedures posted in the call center. The design requires being on sturdy paper.

Now that you have learned the important aspects of flyers, you can conduct extensive research and find the right design. Then, choose the right folded flyer and boost your business prominence.