Benefits of Choosing Every Door Direct Mail for Your Business

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: EDDM  |  June 10, 2024

EDDM is a service provided by USPS. It enables businesses to promote themselves in local communities. Through them, businesses that don’t have a mailing list can market themselves to local customers. Using every door direct mail program, local-based small-sized businesses can easily reach out to potential customers by using carrier routes in a certain area for delivering printed ad materials.

Every door direct mail advertising technique enables small-scale businesses to promote themselves without going beyond their budget as it is provided at a cost-effective postal rate. Businesses that use EDDM can enjoy many benefits. Check them out here.

  1. Local Area Marketing
  2. An EDDM postcard focuses on marketing businesses locally and doesn’t require a mailing list. Otherwise, companies have to buy a mailing list, which has the contact information and addresses of customers in the neighborhood. EDDM, on its part, works through the mailer carrier that delivers the marketing tool to each household along a certain mailing route. Thus, it eliminates the need for customer addresses.

    Full service EDDM enables small businesses to concentrate on the design and create their advertising material, while the USPS distributes the material efficiently to the whole neighborhood. Businesses have to identify the carrier routes they would like to target, decide on a date to take the EDDMs to the post office, and then the postal service will deliver it for them.

  3. Discount Offers
  4. Businesses that use full-service EDDM can offer discounts to their customers directly. Attractive discounts play an essential role in attracting new customers and building loyalty. Using discount offers, localized businesses, such as salons or shoe stores can offer coupon incentives to customers pushing them to visit the stores yet again to redeem the coupon routes. With discount offers, you can encourage your customers to purchase products they might not have considered otherwise. By using EDDM marketing materials, you can arouse the need to purchase in your customers.

  5. No Postal Limits
  6. If your mailings are under 5000, you will not have to buy a postal permit. USPS offers an EDDM permit to businesses. It is added to the EDDM folded mailer. The permit from USPS ensures that the EDDM postcards are mailed to the customers separately from the mass mailing, saving you money and time in the long run.

  7. Affordable
  8. For SMEs operating on a tight budget, EDDM advertising is one of the most affordable marketing methods in their neighborhood. SMEs have to design attractive and colorful marketing postcards and get them printed by a high-quality printing service. the success of the marketing campaign can be tracked. Thereafter, you can make adjustments to your EDDM postcard as required.

    When you advertise in your locality, businesses can down on the cost, usually associated with long-distance mailing.

  9. Easy to Target and Set Up
  10. Creating an EDDM marketing campaign is easy since the campaigns focus on a certain geographical location. Campaigns focus on customers with the highest buying possibility as seen in the customer’s buying history. Moreover, setting up an EDDM campaign requires you to follow only a few steps. Businesses have to design and print the marketing postcards, place them in bundles with a facing slip, and drop them at the post office. After you have made the payment, the U.S. Postal Service is going to take care of the rest of the delivery process.