Best Places to Distribute Flyers for Your Business

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Flyers  |  May 22, 2023

So, you have ordered a bunch of flyers for your business. Now, you have to consider where can you can distribute them.

It is one thing to design and print flyers for your business and another to distribute them in a place where it will create the brand exposure you are looking for. After flyer printing, if you don’t put them in the right places, you are simply wasting time. Right placement will make people pay attention to your flyers.

If you are not sure where to put your rectangle flyer, you have come to the right place. We are going to discuss the best places for distributing your flyers. So, let’s proceed.

1.      Parks

Most parks have announcement stands or community boards. You can use them to reach out to people of all ages, as many people visit parks. Also, community boards come with a cover on top that will keep folded flyer from being damaged or flying away. This protection enables your brand to the required exposure.

2.      Coffee Shops

In case you live in a particularly rainy or windy area, it can be ideal to keep flyers inside. The best indoor location where you can keep your die cut flyer is a coffee shop.

Many coffee shops have bulletin boards where you can hang your flyer. You will find them close to the register or above the area from where people get their coffee.

But you should talk to the manager or owner of the coffee shop before you pin your flyer to the bulletin board.

3.      Fitness Centers

Another place to distribute flyers is at fitness centers. You can hang the flyer at the entrance of the fitness center and locker rooms. It depends on how big the fitness center is and what type of rules they have about promotions.

Yes, it is worth taking some time to go to all fitness centers close to your business to learn about the type of opportunities available.

4.      Restaurants

Not all restaurants will allow you to advertise your business on their grounds. However, the ones that do generally have a local-oriented feel to them. This is good for building trust with the audience.

Restaurants encouraging community boards and support other businesses are popular supporters of their local area. They are the type of places that addresses their regular customers by name and try to be as welcoming as they can. Thus, the consumers tend to feel more valued and welcomed and if they come across your flyer, they start to associate the same feelings with the brand.

5.      Libraries

If you still have some flyers to go around, make a stop at the public library and count the bulletin boards they have. Thereafter, you can decide if or not you would like to place a flyer on each one or be strategic about the library you choose.

No matter what you decide, you shouldn’t overlook this strategy. It can be smart placement, particularly when you try to target collect students. Go over to the library of a local university and put your flyers there rather than the government library.