Best Successful Tips for Book Printing

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Books & Catalogs  |  July 25, 2022

Writers spend a lot of energy and time writing their books. However, many self-published authors take it to be a hurdle. Writing the book and then printing it might be daunting.

Many self-published authors tend to go for an e-book as it gives them the chance to avoid self-published reality. But the truth is physical book sales outsell e-books. Thus, if you print your books, you are going to enjoy a significant advantage over your digital competitors.

But you don’t have to feel nervous about book printing. With a few right tips, you can successfully print your spiral bound book. So, dive in to find out about these tips.

  1. Find the Best Print on Demand Match

Print on Demand is known to have revolutionized the book printing industry. The digital printing services are using digital technology that is helping them offer even smaller batches of copies at an affordable price. It has been quite ambitious for self-publishers who can take the advantage of better printing.

Usually, the quality of print-on-demand books is incredible and is improving with time. So, make sure that you are choosing the best print on demand.

  1. Use a Local Printing Specialist

You can easily find a print-on-demand service at a low price and first-time authors and writers can benefit from it. There are many local printers out there who can get your job done for you. If you choose the right printing service, you can get suggestions on the right paper stock and offer proof copes for you to check.

Some printing services can also provide you with technical help. Hence, you can get the artwork files all print-ready.

  1. Use a Designer

A publishing house has several departments within it. They have marketers, editors, distributors, and designers. If you take care of the printing job all by yourself, you might easily get bogged down just trying to balance the roles.

You might need some help in various areas. Getting the help will allow you to focus on the things. So, you can feel more confident about what you are printing.

  1. Select the Right Size

Perfect bound book comes in different sizes but there are some standard sizes, too. Firstly, books that are of the same sizes are much easier to store, stack, or transport in a store. Book categories and genres come with their own preferred sizes. It is appropriated by the target audience.

So, make sure that you are choosing the right size for book printing. For this, you might have to do some research. Check the examples of other books that are similar to your own in regards to category and genre. You can ask the custom book printing services as they might be able to suggest you the right size.

  1. Know the Cover Options You have

When you have the inside pages ready, you need to start thinking about the cover of the book. You might have a robust concept or idea in mind. You can take the help of a designer to get the right cover design for your book. Think through all the ideas you have. A professional designer might help you get a professional design for the cover.

Paperbacks can be cheaper to print but the cover design has to be bolder and punchier to the eye. But hardcovers can be more expensive. So, the choice is all yours.