Best Ways to Create Stunning Business Cards that Stand Out

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Business Cards  |  July 31, 2023

Business cards contain your brand and individual’s name, brand logo, and contact details. However, business owners should understand the importance of business cards as they can help in gaining the trust of your recipients and transforming them into customers.

You will come across business cards of all colors, designs, and sizes when you network. They are used for introducing their business, companies, services, and products by handing out these small pieces.

However, if you don’t create a well-designed business card, your recipients might discard it instantly or later. So, here are a few tips that will help their business card printing stand out.

1.   Make It Legible

Don’t make the letters in the card too small as it will make your card difficult to read at one glance. In case you are reducing the text size for accommodating more information, it might not be as readable as it is on screen.

So, when you print the letters on luxury business cards, they can start looking messy. Hence, you should be using calligraphy lettering styles. It is better not to use fonts lesser than 8pt.

2.   Choose the Right Style

Most plastic business cards are simple. While others are laden with colors. You need to consider which of these is ideal for your brand identity. Bright colors might be good for giving your business card a touch of excitement and freshness but too many colors in one business card are not desirable. If you include more colors than needed, it can make the business card appear confusing and cluttered.

Go for a plain and colorless card style when you are running a high-end business or if you have to make such a impression on your target customers.

3.   Give It a Special Finish

The business card you are printing should have a high-quality finish. That is how you can make the business card stand out from other cards. It will send out the right signals about the brand. Thus, make sure that you use metallic inks, spot-UB, etc. to give your cards the best finish. It will make them more attractive to look at.

4.   Avoid Common Mistakes

You should avoid a few common pitfalls when you are printing business cards. Avoid adding borders on four sides of the business card. That is because it can give the card a misaligned look.

You can get in touch with a business card maker to decide on the bleed for the square business cards so that you know not to design something there. Make sure that the design for the card is free of errors.

Often, printing is not precise. Make sure the content doesn’t go out of the border. Thus, it is always better to put everything at the center. You need to do this for practical reasons.