Best Ways to Submit Work to a CD or DVD Duplicator

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Tips & Tricks  |  January 18, 2010

A CD or a DVD duplicator is a device used to duplicate from one DVD to multiple DVD copies in a very short time. The duplicators are best used when there is need for multiple copies of the same data. Duplication is best for quantities of 500 and less. For more quantities go for replication. The CD/DVD duplicators are available in variety of sizes. All the high performance brands can record the data without any loss in bits.  In case of errors it will spit out in a different bin.


The technology can efficiently be used to create equal space partition on the hard drive like the master disc ensuring maximum of HDD space. Most of the  DVD and CD duplicators have integrated ‘Master Error Proof  Technology’ that can be used to replace the master disc without wasting the blank DVD. Nowadays there are some professional duplication companies that are involved in the business of CD or DVD duplication. By following few simple steps the process could easily be done. So if you want to distribute some data, CD or DVD duplication could be the ideal way to do it.


Here are some essential tips and tricks to follow while choosing a reputable duplication company:

  • If you have printing on the CD or DVD then ask for the print samples of different print methods before allotting work to the duplication company you have selected. This would help you in understanding which print method would be good for you both professionally as well as economically.
  • Inquire about the media quality used, thus do not compromise with the quality. Go for CDs and DVDs with less error rates. (very important)
  • Always choose a reputed company in the industry.

Hence with a little knowledge and care the entire process of duplication can be easy, fast and cost-effective thus to make several copies of a CD or DVD.


So the next time you plan for outsourcing your work of CD or DVD duplication, make sure that you consult an authentic name. PrintPapa could be one reliable source in this regard. We at PrintPapa use the best quality media and equipment to produce your copies.