Booklet Printing and Marketing for Educational Institutions

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Booklet printing  |  October 30, 2023

Printed materials, such as booklet printing are a crucial part of just about every marketing campaign. Digital marketing strategies might have made it easier to reach out to bigger audiences, but print collateral enables you to reach your potential customers in a more tangible manner. When it comes to marketing a university or college, having a strong strategy, can make all the difference when you have to appeal to funders and acquire more students.

When you are planning booklet printing for your university or college, here are a few things you need to consider.

  1. Have a Good Strategy
  2. With custom booklets, it is important to have a desired outcome. Consider what you want to achieve. You might want to drive the enrolment of students or would like to solicit funds from the alumni of the institutions. Print collateral for universities and colleges is used for building and nurturing relationships- either for attracting funds or acquiring students. Defining your ultimate goal is the first important step in coming up with a successful print and digital strategy, which will make it all happen.

  3. Brand and Messaging are the Key
  4. You should know how to craft the message and present the brand. It is important to present a brand image, which is built on caring about the alumni, students, staff, and the public. You might want to show your audience, potential students, funders, or alumni, which your brand isn’t only professional but also fun to work with. Enlisting the brand strategies goes a long way in achieving it. As you integrate the message and brand consistently in your cheap booklet printing is essential.

  5. Personalize the Print
  6. In the present world, we always come across marketing messages from various businesses, and customizing the message to your individual prospects has become imperative. Blanket messages for color booklet printing will not be sufficient. It means printing collateral for educational institutions should be customized for individual prospects.

    However, beyond addressing the potential customers in your custom booklet printing no minimum by their name, it is crucial you collect as much data as you can about them. It will help in creating more personalized and targeted messages. With this, you can boost engagement and improve the likelihood that the potential customers will take the action that you want them to take.

  7. Use the Right Printing Method
  8. Each printing project demands the selection of the right printing method to achieve optimal outcomes while controlling expenses. Within the realm of commercial printing, two prevalent techniques are variable digital printing and offset lithography. When creating print materials such as newsletters, magazines, annual reports, and catalogs intended for a broad audience, the choice often leans towards offset printing. This method ensures the production of top-notch visuals and maintains a superior level of quality.