Brochure Printing: Mistakes You Should Avoid

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Brochure  |  January 16, 2023

Brochures are efficient and convenient ways to get your marketing message across. They come with a unique sticking-around capacity and you can put it to good use. However, like all other marketing materials, they come with attractive designs to grab more customers and retain the old ones. Even a small mistake might damage your brand’s reputation.

Brochure printing is effective in terms of marketing. Other than being attractive and convenient, they are informative. A lot goes into creating a good brochure. So, here are some mistakes you should avoid when you are printing a brochure for your business.

1.   Not Focusing on the Content

Regardless of how good the brochure design is, a lack of proper content might spoil your brochure-creating effort.

As they do not give you a big canvas where you can add your content, you should focus on the key message you want to give to your potential customers.

For instance, for promoting your brand, highlight the brand name, logo, tagline, and business details. For advertising a specific product, you can combine the images with as less words as possible for retaining the customer’s attention.

So, you have to keep the message short and crisp. It is important that you focus on the business objectives. Begin with a strong tagline and it will drive traffic to the brand arousing the potential customer’s curiosity. With just a few words, you can create a big impact on your readers.

2.   Not Using High-Quality Images

Custom brochure printing that is just text is going to end up in the recycle bin. However, a brochure with a proper design will have images for maintaining visual interest.

In case you have to display your products on tri fold brochure printing, display a picture that will attract readers. Similarly, if you are promoting a service, including photos from your previous projects for adding both credibility and visual interest.

Make sure you are using high-resolution stock pictures or get someone professional to click pictures for you.

3.   Not Adding a Call to Action

Folded brochure printing is meaningless if it doesn’t have a call to action. It will help in initiating a new customer relationship.

However, your customer should also know their next step. Hence, you should include a clear call to action. Your primary objective is to drive traffic to the brand’s website or promote your product, services, or brand. Make sure you are including the email address, website address, QR codes, contact number, etc.

4.   Selecting the Wrong Fonts

A3 brochure printing has an open layout and designers might try to segregate information by using different fonts and font sizes. However, the key to developing a brand image depends on consistency. Hence, you have to maintain the consistency of the brochure design. Make sure you are sticking to just 2-3 fonts and not more.

In case you have to highlight some areas of the text, you can consider choosing bold colors rather than different fonts. Using too many fonts might confuse the readers and can make your brochure look overcrowded. It can make your A5 brochures appear unimpressive.