Different Types of Trade Show Displays

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: trade show displays  |  February 5, 2024

Trade show displays are the most effective visual representation that comes in different shapes, functionality, styles, and portability. A few displays can cost thousands of dollars, while others might run under a thousand. You can get trade show displays that cater to your budget. there are custom, modular, and portable solutions.

There are different types of trade show displays and we are going to take a look at a few here.

1. Pop Up Displays

Custom popup displays provide ease of setup, portability, a lower price point, and many other options to personalize your display. They are used as a robust back wall in most cases. Graphic mural panels can be added for better impact and to make the display stand out with an exclusive message. Pop-up displays work by using a frame, which opens up, enabling a structure for mounting fabric to create one large image wall.

Pop-up displays have evolved into an efficacious marketing tool.

2. Panel Trade Show Displays

Another one of the most effective trade show products is pane systems. It adds a solid-looking back wall to a trade show booth. However, since panel systems are more structural, brands can do more things with them. standard panel systems might be used for back walls or tabletop displays but custom panel systems can be used for making large island displays, which encompasses many options, such as product displays, backlighting, counters, and more. panel systems can be covered in laminates, hook and loop receptive fabric, and graphics.

Not all panels are the same. The price points signal ease of setup and quality.

3. Banner Stands

A trade show banner stand is an effective marketing tool and at trade show events, these can be indispensable. The trade show products use a banner and a mechanism to display that banner. There are tension banner stands, retractable banner stands, and more. You can gang up banner stands for creating a graphic wall or using single units. Put together banner stands for creating a graphic wall but you can use single units with large graphics as support messages.

4. Step and Repeat Backdrop

A custom step and repeat backdrop is one of the most important products you need for the trade show booth. It helps in defining the space and differentiating you from the competitors.

Knowing the exact layout of the space is important for the space. In case you do not have a wall ideal for hanging something on, you will require hardware to hold the backdrop. Many large printers have these available for renting or purchasing. In case you have a wall, make sure you bring only the necessary items to hang the backdrop.

5. Table and Table Covering

Having a spot to place all the marketing items is the first thing you require. Based on the layout of the space, you might want to have more than one table. A few people choose to put a table in front of their displays, while others run it along the side. You should also have branded trade show table covers for a cohesive event tent printing.