Digital Printing and Its Effects on the Printing Industry

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Marketing, Print News  |  November 12, 2009

The printing industry has grown by leaps and bounds from the beginning. With time, the printing technology has evolved considerably giving more options to those who have a printing job to be done. Even though digital printing has been in vogue for quite some time, it is still a new technology that many people are not yet used to. It is definitely much faster and reliable that the traditional methods of printing.

Early Days of Digital Printing

Xerox was the pioneer in digital printing and met the needs of a low end print market. As the bulk of work was in the hands of the printers, it was not considered to be a threat to the printing industry. With the introduction of franchise printers or quick printers a new business model started developing. The digital printers could not attain the amount of popularity in their early days as they had many drawbacks. Some of the systems were so problematic that there was a joke going around about them – if you bought a machine you have also got to hire a technician! Though it was faster than other modes of conventional printing, digital printers couldn’t produce a large quantity of work and the printing industry was not at all bothered by the entry of this hybrid.


Evolution of Digital Printing

The costs for digital prints were rather high in the initial years and only the high end clients could afford them. The modes and types of digital printing were also quite less in number. Then came direct imaging, color copiers and digital press. The make-ready time for digital printers were much less as they didn’t require any expensive plates and could be saved for future use. But the print quality in those days was still doubtful, as a result of which very few people opted for it. With time the quality of digital printers and their print quality also improved significantly, leading to lowering of costs. Later many businesses thrived on digital printing.


Popularity of Digital Printing

In today’s context, digital printing is perhaps the least expensive and the quickest ways to get good prints. Not only is digital printing being used for reproducing images and photos, it is also used widely for catalog printing, color brochure printing, flyer printing and leaflet printing.


Digital printing has become a multi-million dollar industry offering quality printing services to clients worldwide. Its popularity can be measured by the growing number of websites offering such services.

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