Element You Need to Include In Your Every Door Direct Mail Postcards

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: EDDM  |  May 8, 2023

The success of a business depends on its ability to market what it has to offer effectively. You might be providing the best products and services but if your customers don’t know about your existence, it will not give you any sales.

Marketing can help in reaching out to your prospective customers and attracting them to your products and services. But you don’t have a big budget, you will have to choose an affordable marketing material. EDDM postcards are one of the most inexpensive and successful marketing materials.

An effective every door direct mail postcard design can give you a thousand leads. So, below we are going to include the elements that you should add to your EDDM postcard.

1.  Headline

Your full service EDDM should have a bold and clear headline that will let your potential customers identify the main idea and that is what the postcard is about. It is always better to go for a bigger font size for the headline as it helps in differentiating it from the remaining text. Just at a glance, your readers will know what your EDDM is promoting.

2.  Graphics

Make sure that you are choosing graphics that are easy to understand. Also, it should resonate with the headline. A graphic will reinforce your message and will also grab attention. For instance, if you own a real-estate business and want to get people to list their homes, reinforce the message with an image of a home with a visible and clear sold sign.

3.  Colors

Use colors for making the message pop. But it is always better to use a color that is relevant to the message. Even though most marketers use the psychology of color for attracting customers, use the color pattern that is relevant to your business.

4.  Call to Action

After you add the necessary details to your EDDM folder mailer, add a straightforward call-to-action. Allow your recipients what you would like them to do after they are done reading your postcard. Would you like them to drop in at your store or call you for more details? Make it clear in the full service EDDM.

5.  The Offer

Give our readers a reason to get in touch with you by giving an offer. You can add a limited-time offer, great discounts, and coupons, Additionally, other than including the feature of the product, make sure that you add the benefits. For instance, other than telling your prospects that you provide low-interest rates on mortgages, tell them they are going to benefit from the low-interest rate.

When you are printing your EDDM postcards, you have to make sure that you have added the contact details. Check if the EDDM is legible and clear to your potential customer.