Elements You Need to Include In Your Sign Printing

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  January 29, 2024

You can use signs for various purposes from conveying safety details to advertising. But no matter how you are using the products, some features are universal among all types.

There are some important aspects that your signs need to ensure they are successful. You can arrange them in different ways to suit the specific purpose of sign printing.

Here are the elements you should definitely include in your sign.

1. Text

The main purpose of custom sign printing is to communicate information to its onlookers. This is what will make the sign so powerful for business owners.

But the question is how to get the message across to your audience.

Sure, images can convey some messages. However, often, they are not as clear as words. It is often up to interpretation. Thus, the meaning the image conveys can be ambiguous. This is where the text comes in.

Text can help in achieving the goal of the signs, including yard signs or custom A frame sidewalk signs. Moreover, you can convey important details about the business.

But when it comes to the text, you have to consider a few things-

  • Size
  • Font
  • Complexity
  • Readability

2. Graphics

Although the script is the key to conveying certain details unambiguously and clearly, do not ignore images. Small or big, graphics are still an important element when it comes to signs. No wonder, most signs, whatever their goal, should have some graphics or the other.

Images are the primary alternative to communicating a message without words. Often, they are the element that takes up the maximum space of any feature on the backlit sign or some other sign.

One important use of images in a promotional tool is to create an emotional appeal. It is how you persuade your audience to take part in a certain action. Often, photographs work the best in such a case. Graphics might not make the sign more interesting to look at but can also make it impactful. All these help in achieving your goal.

3. Branding

Another important element to add to your signs, including custom printed magnetic magnetic signs or window signs is some form of branding. But what does branding really mean?

Branding is a practice through which businesses create a symbol, design, or name, which is easily identifiable as theirs. It is important to help your audience identify the venture or brand to which it is relevant.

People might not always have the time to read the whole sign. Thus, it is crucial that you play smart and ensure that the significant parts of the company are noticeable.

The ways to add branding on a sign are listed below-

  • Logo- In case the company has a well-known logo, it has to feature on the sign, be it a backlit sign or die cut sign.
  • Colors- Does the brand have a certain color palette? If yes then it might be a good idea to add it to the sign.
  • Name- You can print the name of the venture somewhere on it. This has to be legible. No need to use both if one is enough.
  • Motto- The tagline can make the business more memorable if it is catchy and fits the purpose of the sign.


While your board doesn’t need an overwhelming display of your brand’s features, it should still command attention. Consistency is key for effective brand identity, so ensure it remains recognizable across all platforms.

4. Colors

Few elements wield as much influence on our minds as color does. It’s difficult to envision signs devoid of its impact. Even when opting for black-and-white signage, it remains a crucial aspect to contemplate.

Color is a great way to grab people’s attention. Bold and bright shades on banner or rigid sign printing can make sure that your sign stands out from its environment. Moreover, color serves as an effective tool for enhancing visibility in specific areas of the sign. It functions as an exceptional highlighting tool, allowing you to emphasize critical product elements by printing them in a contrasting or distinct color against the background of magnetic vehicle signs and other signs.