Get Noticed by using Custom Printed RackCards

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  June 7, 2010

Rackcards are one of the best known advertising tools. Along with brochures, catalogs and posters they serve as the purpose of comprehensive marketing campaign. They are widely used in hotels, landmarks, stores, restaurants for promotional purpose. Although the cost of printing standard rack cards isn’t much there are some ways in which it can be reduced considerably. A few tips to reduce the costs are:

  • Know Your Purpose: If you know the purpose of your rack card you can save a lot on the cost. There are occasions when your rack card might be required just for a day and thus you can avoid printing them on high quality paper as it increases the cost.
  • Print In Bulk: If you require large number or rack cards over a considerable period of time it is best advisable to print them at one go as it will reduce the cost considerably. The printing charges  do not double when the number of copies get doubled. A long term planning thus can bring down the printing cost.
  • Standard Size is 4″x9″: Rack cards are printed on large sheets of paper and it is economical to make use of the whole sheet. Design and print 4″x9″ rack cards as they are the most widely used size and thus it can reduce the cost by a substantial amount. Designing unusual sizes of rack cards can lead to wastage of paper during printing and thus unnecessarily increase the cost.
  • Find Your Perfect Printer: Different printing service providers charge different rates for printing and you can reduce your costs by finding the printer who offers you the best deal without compromising on the quality. Internet can be used to find out such printing service providers. Look for discounts if they are available with any of the printers.
  • Reduce Wastage: One way to cut down on printing costs is to print the amount required and there by reducing wastage. Many rack cards are printed for a particular event or day or event and do not hold any value after that and thus such rack cards should be printed in the exact required amount.

The idea to reduce the cost of printing a rack card and not it’s quality. Here is where hiring the services of a professional printer like Print Papa can help you get your expected solution. They have been involved in the business of print promotions and are equipped with the latest in terms of printing technology. Over the years they have built expertise in printing catalogs, door hangers, business cards and other printed materials.